Monday, January 04, 2010

Resolution No1: Travel More

It's only my 1st day back in the office and already I'm planning my leave for the upcoming school holidays.

Talk about work dedication!! Hah!!

March - Genting trip, free thanks to my dad. Bibik is so going to freeze her butt up there but all in the name of fun.

June - Hong Kong, here we come!! My parents may follow and hopefully my aunt and her entourage too. So far, it's 8 adults, 3 children and 1 infant. Mampos!! Hahaha...planning everything has of course been placed on my shoulders but it's something I love to do anyway.

Too bad September's school holiday is smack in fasting month; if not, we could plan to go to Singapore to check out the latest Universal Studio that's opening in April (betul kan Noresh?).

Sigh..bestnya kalau bleh berjalan je, takyah pikir duit.


shubhangi said...

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Aapitz said...

aapitz likes this..!!

Hhhahaa...blasah jer cuti, kerja2 penat2 pon tak pat aper...

Kalo duit least every quarter nak bercuti...hahhahaaa

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oooh Hong Kong! Take lots of pics! And post 'em!

Aktif Mama (Sal) said...

Hong Kong??? Nak ikut....


betul betul betul...

pegi la universal studios in december. still boleh

Along said...

Sub: Word to ya mother, dude!! Thanks for dropping by.

Aapitz: Yesser!! Jangankan every quater, every month berjalan if money no hal.

AJB: Of cos, lots of photos. Just fingers crossed that all goes as planned.

Sal: Jom, aku masukkan ko dalam luggage aku. Hhehehe..ko kan comel.

Nora: December macam jauh sangat in the future. But, putting that in the plan. For sure, setiap school holidays, must try to take leave and bring the kids somewhere.