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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Work Just Got A Little Easier


The trip to China has been shorten to 3 days instead of 6. Yes!!!

What a relief!! Now, I'm not so dreading the fact I have to go.

I have to remember to take my fenugreek seeds and trusty breast pump to keep my milk levels up. Fingers crossed I don't dry up.

So far the itinerary looks like from 9am until 5pm for visits, meetings, etc. So that leaves the evening and nights free to do whatever. Just sightseeing for shopping. Hehehehe...we'll see.

Oya, must make sure my sim card can make international calls. Hmm..camne yerk?

1 more thing, does anybody know if we are allowed to bring expressed breast milk on board? I know the limitations on bringing liquids, etc is 100ml per container but is there any exceptions for breast milk? Especially when the baby is not coming on board? I don't want to waste any of my breast milk (plus the thought of just dumping it all down the sink makes me wanna cry..penat woo mengepam) but if it's a huge NO-NO, then I guess I have no choice. I checked the MAS online site and they only listed baby milk, sterilised water, baby juice, baby food and wet wipes as items exempt from the measures. Anyone know?


J.A.D said...

cna always call MAS people up for clarification. I think mcm boleh. Siap2 la bawak coleman icebox tu boleh muat bnyk.