Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Updates on The Tank

So remember I told you I had scraped the side of the Tank a few weeks back? It was hideous, what with the plastic border also gone and all the nuts and bolts showing. Urgh...tak menyelerakan nak bawak Tank lepas tu (banyak cantik muka ko, padahal ko yang pi cium tiang sapa suruh!!).

So last weekend, En Rashid finally took the Tank to the repair shop. After negotiating with the apek, he gave us a reasonable price of a few hundred to fix the door and the missing border.

Today, En Rashid took me to the repair shop because 1) He left one set of the house keys in the glove compartment 2) He wanted me to pick a new color for the Tank.

Walawei, macam banyak duit nak cat Tank la plak. Nevermind, let's pick a color first then negotiate with the apek again.

First I picked this color, Voltage Blue Metallic.
En Rashid said it looked too light. It might look funny on a big vehicle like the Tank.

So then I picked this color, New Bright Blue Met.
See how I'm sticking to my favorite color, blue. Since I'm paying for the repairs, I figured it might as well reflect my personal choices (padahal dah pandai punahkan, pandai la betulkan balik, ye tak?). The amoi at the shop was not of much help. When she found out I wanted blue,s he pulled out all her color schemes and showed them to me..."Ini biru banyak cantik, ini jugak, ini pun ok jugak, yang ni pun lawa...blah, blah, blah." Hello amoi, you think I have 10 cars to paint, is it? Buat pening kepala aku je.

En Rashid was ok with my final color choice so we called the apek to negotiate. Whole car, around RM2000+. With the repairs and all, around RM3180.

Uwaaaaa...lepas ni gua asyik makan roti aje lorrrr.