Friday, May 20, 2011

To Update


Daria's 2nd birthday note. I can't believe my baby is two already!! Where has the time gone? She's so talkative and so bossy..typical 2 year old. Her terrible-two tantrum can be oscar-worthy sometimes but I wouldn't exchange that for anything. Sayaaaaaaannnnggg sangat adik!!

My brother and my SIL moved from their apartment into my parent's house in Subang recently. We went by last weekend so the kids could have a last swimming session in the pool; alas it rained so we had to cancel that, much to the disappointment of the girls. In the end, we helped (a bit!) with the packing as my brother has so much junk to haul over to the SJ house.

My parents came back from a week long golf vacation in Perth. I have yet to see any of the chocolate my mom so called bulk purchased there. Hmmm...

Oya, received my results for MM and MIS mid term. MM did ok...62/75. I lost marks for not putting in enough examples to support my theories. Peh, cakap la nak soh merepek panjang lebar. For MIS, I got highest marks!! Yeah. But only for the MCQ, for the essay questions, we have yet to get our marks. We have yet to receive our law papers not looking forward to that. I need to start cracking on my final projects thought...only 5 weeks until finals. Eekkkk!!


Jaja® said...

happy birthday to daria :)

Yan said...

aawwwww Happy Birthday Daria!!!