Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Surprise...

..indeed it was. Everyone has been so busy lately at work, that even I didn't think much about my birthday. Plus since it actually fell on a Sunday, by the time Monday came about, the thought of celebrating had passed.

I had a meeting in Cyber in the morning. My staff sms'ed me to ask when I would be coming back to the office; the ruse was to have a preliminary discussion before our 230pm meeting. Hah...rupanya nak tau bila bleh makan?! My boss and my staff bought tons of pizza and a BIG cake as a surprise. Alahai...terharu beta!

Picture time!

See? Siap tulis jawi tu. I don't know what the hidden message behind that is...that I'm so old that I read in jawi. Hehehehe..Plus, initially there was one additional candle on the cake. Uwaaaa...tapi takpe..janji cake sodap...ko letak la 100 candle pun takpe. Hee.
My staff, Asrol, presenting me with the cake.
Gigih memotong kek. Sebelah tu plastic beg penuh ngan pizza. Wuuhuu!!

*note: pix courtesy from Hajar a.k.a Ofis Diva. Heee...tq dik.


Unknown said...

SAlam Along,

Happy Bestday dan semoga sentiasa diberkati Allah dalam apa jua lapangan.... :)

Paige Terner and Sandee Beech said...

Happy Birthday! We loved your blog! Tha'ts cool you're from Bangi. I, Sandee, know someone else who's Bday is on the 16th!That's cool. We were wondering if you could check out our blog
Thanks! ~Sandee Beech and Paige Terner