Thursday, September 23, 2004

2 weeks gone by...and nada!!

I’ve been away from the office for nearly 2 weeks now. Finally couldn’t stand it and came to work today. Ofismate somo surprised...why I’m still bloated like a whale?

Why?!..Why, indeed?!!

Last night I got so desperate. Hubby went for futsal match, I couldn’t sleep. Was overexcited over the final outcome of the Amazing Race. Stupid Astro had nothing on, so spent ½hrs going up and down the stairs...trying to induce the baby to come out!! Man, am I getting that desperate?

She’s already at 38 weeks. She has nothing to gain by staying inside me any longer. My doa after every prayer is always...”Ya Allah, percepatkanlah dan permudahkanlah process beranakku”. Sounds weird but I think God gets the message.

My off day at home is usually like this.
- Wake up at 7.00am, thanks to Dania. Her “Good Morning” ritual usually includes stroking me on the face...or if she’s in a bad mood, poking me in the back. Then she’s srcreaming for someone to open the door so she can go downstairs to watch her morning cartoons. That girl ah..I tell demanding one!!

- If feeling energetic, follow Dania downstairs and have breakfast. If lazy, go back to sleep until 11am, then only go get breakfast.

- Have Astro remote permanently glued to my hand as I flick from one channel to another. Usually takes me 3 rounds of going through all the channels, before I can decide on what to watch.

- Have lunch at 3.30, after Thailand telenova. I’m hooked...that Anothai hero is sooo damn cute!!

- Go upstairs to bathe and pray.

- Come back down at 5pm and watch Sesame Street with Dania. I now know all the monsters’ names by heart...go ahead, quiz me!!

- Wait for hubby to come back from work. Have dinner together and watch TV until bedtime. life sucks. I could never function as a fulltime housewife.