Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Need a serious headcheck...

ARGHHHH!!! Checking my calender...and guess what's written under 8th September 2004. MY ANNIVERSARY!!!

Ok, let's analyze the situation so far. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and can hardly walk. Forget abt dashing to the nearest supermarket to buy something for hubby. 1st thing, have no clue what he wants. 2nd, I already have that RM4 card I bought at MPH in case of an emergency. I think this constitutes as an emergency. Furthermore, I doubt hubby realises what tomorrow is anyway. Plan to give him the card in the morning before he leaves for his meeting in Ipoh. He can simmer in his guilt during the drive there...hehehehe..

Yesterday I did the unthinkable. Lost my temper at Dania big time. A dialog synopsis of what happened.

Ani (my maid): Dania...pakai baju ni..
Dania: Taknak! Taknak!
Ani: Bangunlah..susah kakak nak pakaikan baju macam ni.
Dania (now kicking Ani in frustration): Taknak! Nak bear! Nak susu!
Myself (sitting on the sofa, tired and feeling a massive headache coming): Nah!! Ambik bear ni. Pakai baju cepat!!

Threw one of her teddy bears at Dania...and it hit her face. Didn't mean to aim at her face..but it did do the trick of shutting her up. In fact she kept the surprised look on her face for a full 30 minutes. Felt mighty guilty afterwards. Tried to make up for my outburst by playing with her until bedtime. Hubby pulled me aside before we went to bed and "tegured" my actions. Felt extra worst after that. Cuddled Dania in her sleep and kissed her forehead several times. Sigh....motherhood can bring out the beast in you sometimes!!


azrin said...

Happy n-th anniversary...
(nak bear!! nak bear!! hihihii)