Monday, June 11, 2007

Two Things

I have work to do so I'll just update with the blog tag I found over at Jali's House.

Two Names You Go By:
1. Along
2. Ibu (what my kids call me)

Two Things You are Wearing Right Now:
1. Bat dress (baju kelawar)
2. Favorite Bra

Two Things You Want in a Relationship:
1. Communication
2. Great Sex

Two of Your Favorite Things to Do:
1. Read
2. Travel

Two Things You Want Very Badly at the Moment:
1. Sleep
2. Have some chocolate

Two Pets You Had/Have:
1. Sinbad - cat
2. Unnamed - hamsters

Two Things You Did Last Night:
1. Went out for sate with hubby and the kids
2. Played chuzzle on M.S.N. (addictive!!)

Two Things You Ate Today:
1. Bihun Soup
2. Cole Slaw

Two Longest Car Rides:
1. Tennessee to Florida (3 times)
2. Tennessee to Ohio

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Raya
2. Whatever holiday is next on the calender

Two Favorite Beverages:
1. Sweet tea with lemon
2. Toss up between Vanilla Coke and Icecream Soda

I tag...whoever wants to do this tag. Just let me know when you've done it and I'll drop by.

Back to work...bleahh.


Anonymous said...

i thought you're not supposed to wear anything underneath baju kelawar?

Along said...

Joe: Not that it's any of your business but the extra clothing comes off at bedtime? Satisfied?!


Anonymous said...

Comfort is king!! Or in your case, queen! :D

tash said...

jus drop by to let u know that i still do read yr blog ehehehe..btw, wanna comment on every post but never have time, so here goes two that i remembered..

both yr daughters have lovely name, u r not an old malay lady..infact i do think u r a pretty interesting mum n wife :)

Anonymous said...

coleslaw is 1 word... :P

Sya said...

Bat dress... LOL!

Kaklong Syikin said...


apa coklat feveret along?

cysev3n said...

we share "Two names you go by".. hehe.. but then, my mom still call me Yang :P