Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Trip To KL Bird Park

The last time we went, I was 7 months pregnant with Daria. So, yesterday I told hubby, we should go again. Actually, it was more of my guilty conscious speaking as I had been so busy with work and classes, that I hadn't spent much time with the girls.

We initially planned to head out from home early but since everyone woke up late, we stepped out at around 10.30am. Dania and Dina were excited; they still remembered the last trip fondly. Daria was just happy to go anywhere...hee.

While En Rashid went to park the car, I bought the tickets at the ticket counter. FYI, the ticket prices had doubled since the last time we were there. For MyKad holders, adult tickets cost RM20 while children tickets were RM10. Fortunately they still had the JCard discount, so we saved RM5 there. Also Daria got in for free coz she was under 2 years old.

 One of the many parrots in the park. Most of them eat corn, fruits like papaya and also sunflower seeds.
 Dania and Dina in front of the parakeet enclosure. This was right after we entered the park. Daria was ecstatic but a bit frustrated none of the birds would come to her.
 One of the peacocks cooling its heels in the stream.
 A mummy peacock and her chicks basking in the sun. The chicks were very friendly and would follow people around, I guess hoping someone would throw down sunflower seeds to them.
 Daria being fascinated by the birds. She didn't realize the other birds flocking behind her until...
she turned around and saw that she was being surrounded by many birds. FYI, the guy in yellow was feeding them thus the reason there were so many birds in one place.
Ibu, help me!! I'm being "attacked" by hungry birds!
We passed the hornbill section and headed up to the World of Parrots. The last time we were here, we had a blast feeding the parrots with multiple cups of sunflower seeds. Unfortunately this time, there was no staff to hand out the food when we got there. The girls had to pick up leftover seeds from the floor, in order to get the parrots to come to them.

Monologue for the parrots in the picture:

Parrot 3: I'm sorry honey, for nagging at you. Let's make up.
Parrot 4: No, no, it's my fault. I've been neglecting you. Let me kiss you and make you feel better.
Parrot 2: guys made up!!
Parrot 1: Good god!! Get a room, will ya!

En Rashid and the girls posing with the lorries. Daria was eager to touch them until....
one of the lorries nipped her finger. Dania protested saying that it was En Rashid's fault...hehehe...
It was a good half hour before the bird show, so we entered the waterfall area. The last time we were here, the place was still under renovation so it was a new experience for all of us.
The front view of the waterfall. They had a walkway that went down to the pond below, where you could feed the gazillion of fishes there. Then it went back up to the waterfall where we then made our way to the auditorium for the bird show.

The bird show was somewhat similar to what we had seen last time, but with a few added tricks. The girls still loved it though and even Daria sat still throughout the entire performance. She was very impressed with the eagles, especially when Dania got to volunteer for the meat-on-a-stick trick.

Dania got to do the trick twice since the first time, the eagle just knocked the piece of meat off the stick. I was so excited for her, I forgot to switch the camera mode to video. Bummer!
Success!! And you can see the hawk (named Hunter), flying off with his meal behind them.
For one person, the highlight of the day was getting to play at the children's playground. Heee.
We then headed to the bird gallery and looked at the baby chicks there. They were so cute and cuddly!
Daria, apparently not well versed in the ways of handing a chick. Fortunately for the chick, she let it go rather quickly after feeling its claws on her fingers.

The eggs of an emu, ostrich and cassowary. Can you imagine passing something this big through your ass? Muahahaha.....
After all that walking and feeding the birds, we were getting pretty famished ourselves. We decided to try our the Hornbill Restaurant.
Dania tried the chicken chop. For RM30, it was rather overpriced though the portion was large, the meat itself was rather tough. The potato wedges were nice though. Dina had a kid's spaghetti meal. For a kid's meal, it was overpriced at RM14. I don't know about the taste but Dina finished it, so you can guess that the portion was rather small.
En Rashid had the Triple Decker toast..or something like that. When it arrived, the first thing that came to mind was "wow, RM20 for toast?" I guess it was nice coz he finished the whole meal before I could even ask for a taste. Oya, the coconut drinks were RM12 each. The stall near our house sells fresh coconut for RM3.50. Go figure!
This is what I had; Malaysian fried rice, supposedly a restaurant specialty (RM20). Nothing really special, I had gotten something non-spicy so I could share with Daria. In the end, she ate most of her father's french fries.
After lunch, we went back into the park because the girls wanted to take pictures with all the birds. The last time we were there, we passed up on the family photo because a) En Rashid didn't want to spend RM30 on a photo shoot and b) I was 7 months pregnant at the time so not really looking or feeling all that great. This time however, we decided to have our picture taken. The charge was still RM30 for a digital photo with a KLBP frame but they allowed us to take a few pictures using our own camera for free as well. 
The parrot was surprisingly heavy so after a few shots, my arm was kind of feeling it. Or maybe its just my "muscles" contracting due to not being worked out for so long...muahahah...
After that, we kind of walked around looking at the rest of the birds in the park. Despite the shade, it was getting rather hot and Daria was acting up due to the fact she was tired and wanted to play around with the camera. I finally let her so she instantly became a "bird paparazzi".

The food could have been better and I was dismayed to see some of the tourists there being very aggressive and provoked the birds. Better supervision should be given to discourage such acts. However, it was still a nice family outing. Maybe we'll go there again in a few years time.


Anonymous said...

no angry birds attacking green pigs?

Along said...

TOAJ: Unfortunately no. Hehe.