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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Girls' Hair Saloon Trip

Last weekend, I took the girls for their monthly haircut. Seriously, its like they have weeds on their heads. They could get a haircut today and by next week, complain about their hair already in their eyes.

So last week, my brother brought us to his friend's saloon near my mom's house. Dania and Dina went first and were done in no time. Then it was Daria's turn. The last time I took her for a haircut, she freaked out and cried most of the time.

This time was so much different. I guess from watching her sisters, she understood the concept that the hairdresser wasn't going to attack her with the scissors.

Uncle Alex was very good with Daria. When he wanted to cut her fringe, he told her to close her eyes. "Close your eyes, close your eyes adik."
Initially the girls complained that the short haircuts made them look like boys. But now it's kind of growing on them.I like it, especially since I don't have to worry about hair in their eyes anymore.


azilahaziz said...

They are so cute like her mother. Hehe

Along said...

Azila: Bak kata Ipin...Betul, betul, betul. :D

baya said...

i remember having short haircut sepanjang sekolah menengah, nmpk mcm boyish but easy to manage ... the girls still look cute, comel ;)

Anonymous said...

Clip the fringe dengan cute hairpins helps

Sal said...

Cutenyer bila tengok Daria tutup mata......muka comel.....

Nur H said...

so cute.... :)

Yan said...

OMG!!!! sangat jeles nya i tgk rambut die!! gerammmmm! hehehe...too too cute ;)

Along said...

Baya: Itu la..along pun dulu rambut pendek time sekolah..senang.

Anon: Thing is, they keep on losing the hairclips.

Sal: Hehehe..memang geram.

Nur: Tq..:D.

Yan: Jangan jeles...nanti Ayisha besar pun, rambut dia lebat...bleh ponytail semua..:D.