Monday, August 25, 2008

Holiday's Over

Sorry for the hiatus. Been on holiday with the girls since it was the school holidays. I had promised them my full attention so they made me promise "Ibu, no computer ok?!!". Argh...I did suffer from www-withdrawal but it also did feel good not having to think about work for a change.

My parents had invited us to join them for a 5 day stay at the Country Villa Kajang. My first question was, got swimming pool or not? The girls were excited about going swimming and I was excited about being able to sleep in until noon. The apartment my dad got had an extra room so we invited Ida and her family to join us. Initially they were to stay for only one night but the kids had so much fun playing together, that they stayed for 2 nights. We introduced them to the Idris family game of Jinrummy and we also beat their asses at Scrabble. Hahahah...Fakhri (Ida's hubby) was so peeved he asked for a rematch. Only after he had studied the dictionary. Heeee...

On the last day we were there, my mom and I rented some bikes and took a morning ride to see all the banglows there. They were spectacular..worthy of being called mansions. Ok, maybe smaller than the ones you might find in Hollywood but still. Ibu wanted to see as many banglows as possible but after only 20 minutes of riding, dah pancit!! Heeee...

Hubby called once from London. It seems that everyone in his group loves London because you can find halal food everywhere. Hubby is so sick of eating bread and seafood only.

I miss him so much. Only 4 more days to go until he's back.


I have to go back to work tomorrow but not to the office. I have a 2-day course at IOI resort which is FAB because that of course means...FREE LUNCH!! Hahaha...hotel style some more.


Anonymous said...

makan, makan. tapi badan cekodeng gak .. haha

Practically Joe said...

welcome back ... Sounds like you had a nice time. I'm sure the kids loved it. What a good mom you were sacrificing your computer time.
I hope it’s a short four days for you.

Along said...

nsaokAJ: cekodeng ke? nak buat camne...supermodel mom type. Hee..

Joe: Yes, we did have a nice time. I hardly missed my computer, only short cravings during night time when the kids were asleep. Heeheh..