Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Roller Coaster

You know that wheel of life? It had me going up and down so many times since my last post, that I'm ready to throw up from it all.

Last Thursday, I had a really bad heartburn/gastric attack. I guess all that eating lunch at 4pm and running all around caught up with me. I was suffering the whole morning until I dragged myself to the clinic. The doctor gave me 3 types of pills and some liquids to keep my stomach acid down. Since it was even hard for me to breath, much less function at work, I took MC and spent the day eating and sleeping. Still the pain persisted at times.

Luckily I had Friday off. Girls day out with my pals, Liza, Noresh, Lin, Zai and Akish. Lunch was at Ittallianes, which was marred by "hair in our pizza" incident. Yuck!!

It had been ages since all of us had been together so of course there was a lot of catching up to do. Among the topics discussed/gossiped about:
1. Latest make up trends - again complete with make up sharing session
2. Reminiscing about our "lost" youth and ways to get our groove back.
3. Hairs on various parts of our body - complete with Show n Tell session (heee!) 4. Ways to get rid of the abovementioned hairs - lots of sharing experiences
I'm pretty sure we talked about a whole lot of important issues but I was too drunk from lemon tea to remember. Oya, since I still can't find my camera charger, no pictures either. Girls, email me the pictures. Especially the ones where I look fab!!

My sick. The kicker is...she's been sick for quite some time. Since before she came to our house. Her illness - Hepatitis B!!!
Of course eventhough she's been with us FOR A YEAR now, we only just found out. No point in talking to the agent and trying to get our money back. The only thing to do is to send her back and hope that none of us caught the bloody thing.
So yesterday I had to take a day off and run to the Immigration to cancel her working visa. Then I had to take the kids to do their blood tests. Then we had to send the maid to the airport for her flight home.
So now I'm maidless and angry and tired. Fuck it!!

I found 20 cents on the sidewalk today.


Sya said...

Hehehe.. Sounds like a good fortune is upon you then, Along. Finding that 20 cents I mean. LOL!

Heather said...

Yikes! All I've got to bitch about is how much my butt hurts from sitting on a bar stool all night! I can sympathize with the heartburn though, I have had issues with that and my gall bladder for years. =(


pictures are up on liza's profile in facebook. sign up la woman!

Z said...

along. gastric cepat lega mintak dr inject je. x yah susah2 kire pil nak makan.
maid wise, indon maids are now very hard to find..dah le mahal now ni. maybe we should divert to narathiwat punya maid plak kot!

Anonymous said...

show & tell in public? wuhoo!!

hang in there babe, there's always a silver lining. ada la hikmahnya. my mak angkat is around to help you hehe

Along said...

Sya: I wish finding that 20 cents is a sign things can only get better.

Heather: Yeah, heartburn sucks. I didn't know it could cripple me like that. A bit scary I must say. Been feeling my age lately. Sigh...

Nora: I refuse to give in to the facebook craze. Email me!!

Z: The medication did ok. Just need to remember to eat. Narathiwat? Wats that?

TOAJ: In public...posssibly some CCTv caught us in the act too. Cuba tengok kat YouTue, ntah2 dah ada org upload. Hahahha...

Anonymous said...

kalau ketiak, tak mo haha..

narathiwat is southern thai. my mom once had 1 or 2 from southern thai. saton, just after the perlis border. ok la diorang, time aku balik cuti from SBP ada je tomyam kaw2 heheh.. tapi clash of egos dengan adik2 pompuan aku. diorang a bit religious sikit, selalu tegur adik2 aku especially on the attire. hangin je budak2 tu :P

dottybaby said...

hahaha.. dats funny abt e 20 cents. Trust you to be positive abt something small. : ) Thats sucks abt your maid. Damn, things hv really been a roller coaster for you. I hope it'll get better for you soon, insyallah. N post the pix! Especially the ones with you looking fab.