Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Upside Down

Because that's how I feel right now. Upside down. Topsy Turvy. Hurricane in my head and all around me.

You know how people always say "Life is like a wheel; one day you're up, the next you're down?" That is SO TRUE!!

Last week I was walking on sunshine. New promotion, spa doing well, kids being adorable, house renovation on warp speed, hubby all romantic. Nothing could touch me, I was invincible.

This week?! Huh, let me tell you about this week.

1. My exec is on mc for 2 weeks, my boss is still on maternity leave and my bigger boss is on a 2 weeks course. That leaves ME to handle all the issues, meetings, presentations, training sessions, and everything in between. For days now I've been eating lunch at my desk because there's too much paperwork to do and one hour of eating outside is such a luxury.

2. My brother might have dengue and is still pending results from the hospital. Seeing how my office is near his college, I had to skip lunch, take him to the hospital, get him registered and then call my mom to see the doctor with him. I really hope he'll be fine.

3. The girls are sick. Coughing and coughing like there's a frog stuck in their throats. Dina has it bad. It usually gets worst at night, OF COURSE when everyone needs to get some sleep. Hopefully they're much better today. How I wish I could take a day off and take care of them. Dina cries everytime I go out for work that it KILLS me. Sob...

4. One of my spa staff...well, let's just put it this way. Some people, you help them and bend over backwards for them and instead of thanking you and counting their blessings, they find a way to fuck you 4 ways from Sunday. To make a loooooonnngg story short, GOOD RIDDANCE!! Luckily we may have 2 more new staff coming in, so there's a silver lining there.

So, this week I'm really tired. Going to Penang tomorrow for a training session, flight @ 6.55am!!! Uwwaaaaaa!!! Can't wait for Friday for my girls day out with my girlfriends. I haven't taken a day off in 2 months!!

ps: I'm writing this at the office, while photostating some forms I need to bring to Penang. Murphy's Law applies, the more tired you are and the more you really want to go home, the more shit happens. The photostate machine just went on a craze rant and messed up my forms so now I have to START ALL OVER AGAIN. I wasted 100 pieces of paper that can not be recycled (Al Gore, don't kill me!).


Heather said...

You poor thing! =( And your poor little girls! And holy crap for your brother, I hope he's all right! Hopefully the week will get better for you.

moby said...

Well, you know what they say, once you're down, the only way is back up! :)

arina said...

ya allah macam nak tercekik sungguh rasanya!

anyway along, as usual, all this shits will pass. and before you know it, it will be rainbow you'll be seeing again.

take care, and hang on tough!

Joe said...

meh pindah temasek heheh

J.A.D said...

yeah.. sod's law when u really don't need em the most, they will stuck to you like a leech. The problems i mean.

hang in there. the sun is shining bright outside. it will get better. :)

famil said...

hang on in there..

the cycle will be up again soon.
im going down as well.. its the season i think :p

dottybaby said...

hi along so sorry to hear about your girls and your bro. I haven't been reading your post in a while. Im going on to your earlier post hope things got better for you already.