Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dania's 6th Birthday Party - Pictures

Thanks to my brother, I FINALLY have the pictures from Dania's birthday party.

Which was held in May. 2 whole months ago!!

Since I've already blogged about the event, here are just some of the pictures that captured the mood.

Dania, Dina with their Pakngah (my bro) and Naqib (hubby's nephew)

Great! All my balloons are popping!! Don't blow them so big!!

All the kids decided to stay outside and colour. The parents thanked me for this coz for once they got to stuff their faces in peace. Heh..
Man, this party is soooo chick-infested!!

Dina showing off her masterpiece. With IT the Clown sucking up space behind her.
There were pictures to colour and crowns to decorate. So yeah, I guess the kids had a nice time.
Dania and her masterpiece. AGAIN with IT entering frame.
Dania and her birthday cake. Both look magnificent!!

The girls playing "Statue". Don't they all look adorable?

My favorite picture of the girls. Sometimes I wish I could just keep them like this forever.
Dina celebrating...Woohoo, it's time to open the presents!! Look ibu, I have my very own Princess coin box. Yeah!!
Hubby: But the coin box is pink and pink is Dina's favorite color. So this belongs to Dina.
Dania: Huhhhhh?!!!

Hubby: That present also belongs to Abah. Your friend gave it to me.
Dania: Buuuttt......uhuk..
It's my party but my father is taking all of my presents.
Dania happy again because her father got his ass kicked by me and had now been banned from the gift unwrapping ceremony.
Dania's first and only doll. Which now sits in a box in the spare room. What can I say, my kids are not "doll" fans. (But still, thank you to whoever got her that doll. She really did like it. When the kids get their own room, I will make sure the doll gets lots of playtime)
Dania's a rock star, thanks to her Pakngah!!
Last but not least, a present from the Queen Mom!!
Dina doing her best Avril punk pose.
All in all, it was a great day, just fit for a Princess.


moby said...

I love the rock star photo. That looks so fun, I wanna join in and do a little head-banging myself!

Heather said...

The love the little boy with the green crocs!! LOL

They are such beautiful girls.

supernunu said...
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raggedyanne said...

this party shall be my guide of SOP when Nunu's old enough to ask for a princess theme party, but I'm not sure I want IT in the party. seram!

eh, abah ni notty la mengusik orang

lilinbiru said...

princess = nice
IT clown = scary

dottybaby said...

What a great party!! N your girls are so pretty. IT clown? That movie gave all clowns a bad name. N this clown isnt that bad. He actually looks kinda funny. The presents makes me wish that i cld go back to that age so i can play with them. Ha ha..

Along said...

Moby: Hehehe..head-banging sounds like fun too.

Heather: Yeah, Naqib was a bit bored being the only boy there.

Anne: Make sure to take lots of pictures of Princess Nunu!! Yeah, the abah's favorite hobby is "mengusik" the girls.

LB: Aku pun seram cite IT tu. Sebab tu la sampai sekarang aku memang takleh ngan clowns.

DB: Heheehe..the clown was actually a hit with the kids. I guess when u grow up watching IT, maybe then u have a different view of clowns.
ps: I find myself playing with the guitar more than the girls. Haha..

anamiraa said...

ish ish ish!

meriahnya! bestnya bebudak tu. my twins besday coming this august. last year panggil itu McD maskot. tahun ni macam takdak budget je... hihihihi.. kek tabur smarties je la.... :)

Joe said...

heh babe,

aku dok nunggu je hari adam request for a big birthday party this year haha

weh apsal kau kurus sangat? almost cekung like

famil said...

"Hubby: But the coin box is pink and pink is Dina's favorite color. So this belongs to Dina."

Same script different cast.. I got that a lot when I was little. My mum would took away most of my presents and distribute them to other siblings!

Heather said...

Update! =P