Friday, July 25, 2008

Golden Horses - Pictures

OK, so Blogger is showing me some love tonight and letting me upload the pictures from our mini vacation at the GH. Please bear in mind most of the pictures were actually taken by the girls, so excuse the lack of focus.

So for dinner we ate at the hotel because my parents were too lazy to drive out and find food. We ate at the Carousel Cafe, hence the carousel horses all over the place. Of course, the girls wanted to climb and get on top of the horses but seeing how they were mounted on a 2 meter ledge, yeah, I think the hotel management would have frowned on that.

Oya, they not only had carousel horses but also carousel bears. There's a picture of my little bear, acting and posing like a bear, in front of the mounted carousel bear.

They even had carousel emus!! Like how crazy is that? Yeah..not so much actually. Dania took this shot (and the ones above). She couldn't understand my directions to hold the camera vertically. I don't know why; the lady at the far end of the restaurant heard my instructions pretty clear.

That's me writing in the comments card. Decor = eh. Atmosphere = ok. Food = nice but too little a portion. Damn, I was still hungry after my meal (3 very tiny lamb chops with french fries), that I finished off not only the girl's dinners but also my mom's too. And the prices weren't actually cheap either.

Also, to add to the "festivity" of the place, there was a large group of 20 people there celebrating someone's b'day. If I wanted to eat dinner and listen to people sing drunken versions of happy birthday and then get my ears blown off by loud crackers, I would have gone to TGIF.

Some final pictures of the girls in front of the hotel. They sure loved the horses.

ps: No pictures of us at the pool because..well, I was busy getting my groove there too. I conquered that slides like nobody's business..Hahahaha..


Joe said...

dang it, i was hoping for that picture of you at the pool haha

lilinbiru said...

suke gambar dania n dina yg last ni. so cute and so sisterly.

Heather said...

Oh it looks like it was a good time anyway. Sort of a mini vacation. =)

arina said...

my blog been hacked during the weekend. now the new add is

(the previous turned to a PORNO site - jeezzz!)