Thursday, July 24, 2008

Horses, Tooth and Pregnant Women

So many things have happened in the last week, I don't know where to begin. So Heather, this may not be much of an update but I'll try to please your royal arse because I'm full of love like that.

1. I still owe the rundown on our stay at The Golden Horses 2 (nearly 3!!) weeks ago. I have some pictures of the girls but everytime I try to upload, Blogger refuses to show me some love. So in a nutshell, hotel so-so, architecture = nice, rooms = ok, hallways = musky smell, pool = FABULOUS!!, food = too small a portion + expensive. Grade 2.5 stars (out of 5). Thank god it was free (thanks ayah!!)

2. Oh, Dania had her first tooth out last Monday. Yeah!! Apparently her baby teeth are extra strong but because one of her bottom front permanent tooth had started to come out , we had to go to the dentist to yank the baby tooth and make way. She was such a trooper!! Even when the dentist put that HUGE needle to her mouth, she didn't flinch (unlike her squeamish mother). So now Dania's going around the neighborhood, showing off the gap in her smile.

The dentist was really nice and did a lot to sooth Dania's fears (or rather, her mother's). She explained everything to Dania and praised her when the job was over. I was so happy with the results that I decided to get some professional cleaning on my own teeth. All in all, we were both done in 20 minutes and it only cost us RM100.

Info on the dentist: Klink Pergigian Nurul, No 24-1, Jalan Puteri 4/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong. Tel: 03-8061 6184 (appointments may be required)

ps: I wanted to take pictures of Dania but the battery in my camera is dead and I can't seem to find the charger. Grrrr....

3. Business at the spa has been good. I mean, REALLY GOOD!! Ever since Ida and I started our aggressive marketing (spamming friends and chasing pregnant women in shopping malls with our flyers) and we got into all those magazines (yes, more than one!!), people have been walking into the center EVERYDAY!! Who thought there were so many pregnant women around our area in search of post natal care?!! Heeee. So on an upside, business has been coming in steadily and the staff are all excited. On the downside, Ida and I found out that we need more staff. And soon. We're looking to interview and hire some this week or the next. Also, with all the running around, I haven't had much of a weekend with the family of lately, something the girls have grumbled about since recently.

But it's all good. Work has been good, in fact I was promoted as of last week. Which was kind of expected and definitely hoped for but then I've learned not to put too much hope into anything when it comes to work rewards. But my bosses were angels and really helped push me for the position, so now I'm like bonded to them for life!! Hah!!

So, yeah, it's been good and busy and that's why I haven't been updating which is kind of lame because I want to write all this down and be able to remember how it was and what it felt like, so Heather, thanks for the push.


lilinbiru said...

eh..congrats on ur promotion. bleh open table ni!!!

Joe said...

amboi amboi, promotion ya. finally you got what was due to you years ago babe. congrats! nanti weekend open table ah haha.. so i take it that you won't be quitting any soon, no? :D

heh business is good eh. keep up the good work. rezeki berniaga tu besar, as stated somewhere yg aku sendiri pun dah lupa mana hehe.. so, aku tak perlu la pegi spa and tolong make up the numbers eh :P

Heather said...

Well, what can I say, I'm pushy like that!!

Congrats on all the spa business! I hope it keeps doing well. Are you going to get some of those fish that nibble on your feet? LOL

Awww, I remember the first lost tooth. =( They grow up too fast.

anamiraa said...

tahniah along on the promotion!

Yan said...

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s
along.. ah.. you are such a big sister i never had.. (dalam makna ni.. kah kah kah)

famil said...

agree with the hotel review.. esp the food part. tak kenyang ok, even for me who eat liek a bird.

anyway congrats for the spa.

Along said...

LB: Thanks. Open table? My table always open..manade cubicle. Hehehe..

Joe: Yeah, finally! Ahaks. Quitting? Well, even if I didn;t get the promotion, I still have 2 years of bond to go remember? Unless of course you wanna be my sugardaddy and bail me out. Heee..
Eh, just because business is good, don't think I'll stop bombarding you to come to the spa.

Heather: No fishes (yet) but I know what you mean. I have yet to try those suckers (literally) but it's become the craze over here.
1st tooth...sigh...just another milestone on my daughter's life. Too soon...too soon..

Ana: Thanks gal!! Hope things are looking up for you at work too.

Yan: You must be my sister from a different mom, unsimilar dad. Hehehehe...

Famil: You a bird? Then how come you look so...nevermind. Heeee...

Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Good karma all around!!

dottybaby said...

COngrats on ur promotion! N dat mus hv been scary to see dania getting her teeth pulled out. I always feel a bit faint wen i see e kids get their shots. Dania is such a brave girl.