Saturday, July 12, 2008

IREE Touch in Pesona Pengantin - July Edition

For those who are tying the knot this year, check out this month's edition of Pesona Pengantin (the Bumper issue). It has lots of wedding gown designs and everything you need to plan for your wedding.

You'll also find our very own IREE Touch promotion. Just answer a few simple questions and send in the form to stand a chance to win RM320 worth of spa vouchers. That's a lot of foot baths!! :D

We're off for a free hotel stay tomorrow at the Golden Horses, thanks to my dad. The kids are excited and can't wait to jump into the pool.

Till then, have a nice weekend everyone!!


Heather said...

Please go check out my blog, I have something for you over there.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Bring back loads of pics.

Halwafy said...

apasal u sendiri tak jadi model tu he he he...jimat costma..;)

but seriously, looks pretty good :)

Along said...

Heather:, speechless. TQ. That's all I can say.

DB: Pictures are coming. Just need to find the time to blog.

Halwafy: Ah, become the model? Kiahkiahkiah, I don't think so. Plus, we didn't have to pay the model even, just barter with some spa treatments :D.