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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Three Confessions Quiz

I read this on KelticKaos's blog and decided to do it. My confessions may not be as dramatic as hers but still required a lot of soul searching on my part.

Rules: Post three (3) confessions in your blog or journal. They can be as personal as you want them to be, so use your discretion. Write about your habits or idiosyncrasies, or something you did as a child... Anything at all. Most importantly, however, they must be something you've never written about in your blog or journal before. Once finished, tag/invite three different readers to do the quiz on their blog or journal.

1. First confession
I daydream a lot. And I mean a lot. When I'm in the shower, I practise my Oscar speech. When I'm driving, I pretend I'm a guest on Oprah. Although lately it's been the Ellen show. When I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I imagine my conversation with Edward Norton. Usually we're stranded airline passengers and we get talking to pass the time and he falls in love with me (but of course!!) but I can't marry him because I don't want to live a celebrity's life and I don't want him to quit acting because that's what made me fall in love with him in the first place...blah..blah..blah. So you can see why it usually takes me 1 hour to actually fall asleep.

2. Second confession
I once put a few drops of washing liquid into my brother's milk when we were kids. I think I was 8 and he was 5 at the time. I was mad at him for something, most probably my mom had scolded me for something HE did. [Hints for moms; Do not blame your eldest for everything that happens in the house, he/she WILL take it out on the actual perpetrator behind your back]. I remember not feeling at all guilty at the time, but I was praying for my brother's life that night when he couldn't sleep because he had a tummy ache.

3. Third confession
After three miscarriages, I fear I may never be able to get pregnant again. A subset of this fear is the fact I may never be able to provide hubby with a son. Although he says he doesn't mind. Which is probably true. But still, a part of me would feel like a total failure for not having more children / a son.

I'm supposed to tag three people but I'm not going to. Anyone who wants to do this tag, let me know in the comments and I'll come visit your blog. Here's to reading better, juicier confessions than mine..tee hee hee..


dottybaby said...

Salam Along. Im a new reader to your blog. I am touched by your last confession. I can imagine it must be hard for you. Im sending you a prayer.

And i LOOOOOVVEEE Edward Norton too!! Thing is i hardly find anyone who loves him. Its usually Brad Pit or Tom Cruise (both not my favourites.)

Im your regular visitor now : )

Along said...

DB: Thanks for dropping by. And also for your prayers. Means a lot to me. Also kudos on being an Edward Norton fan!! Yeah!!! Will come and visit your blog real soon.

Anonymous said...

what?? washing liquid in my milk??
what a cheap shot sis. that's it, from now on, am blaming this washing liquid action of yours for any single foul thing that happens to me! shesh

Along said...

Angah: Hellooooo!!! Who put his stinking underpants on my face while I slept? Who shat in the upstairs toilet and forgot to flush and got ALL OF US in trouble? Huh? Huh?

I suspect the washing liquid made you, can thank me later.

MrsTSalazar said...

HI, I just came across your blog, and I am planning on visiting again.

Nice to meet you, stop by sometime.


Nur Anikish said...

Ha ha ha... you guys are funny!

Heather said...

I used to be the one who got every one else in trouble and boy did I pay for that with lots of attempted pillow smotherings.
Next time you daydream about Ed, just imagine him telling you he can't marry you, because he's in love with ME. That'll end it quick and you can sleep.
Well, sometimes, if you have already had children, something happens that can be fixed by a doctor. You should have an exam, maybe there is something they can do. Hugs.

Along said...

MrsTSalazar: Thanks for dropping by. Will definately drop by your blog too.

Anikish: Hehehe...

Heather: I will NOT dream about Edward and you. That would give me nitemares!! He is mine!! All mine!!
About teh doctor thingy, yeah...did some tests, they still couldn't find out why. So I'm just trying to make myself stronger and healthier, so maybe next time, we'll get lucky.

Lincy said...

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