Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colour Me Feel Good

Only 9 more hours til hubby is home. Yeah!!

Tomorrow Dania will be representing her school for a colouring contest. Hehe. Her teacher called me yesterday to give the details. Apparently the winner of the competition will be representing the state for the national competition. Wow!! I always knew my girl was destined for big things but I never thought the day would come so soon. Even if she doesn't win, I'm still so proud of her.

I'm trying to plan for a family trip for the year end school holidays. It's been a while since our last international holiday (4 years actually) so I thought maybe this year would be nice to go somewhere far. The girls are at that age where they are pretty much independent and aren't fussy about what to eat. Money is rather tight this year, what with the spa and the house renovations but I think both hubby and I deserve this.

Speaking of house renovation, it's pretty much 80% complete. All the extensions have been completed and the walls have all been painted, just need to call Fl00r Dep0t to install the floor boards and get the contractor to put in all the sink fixtures, lights and aircon. I'm still looking around for the kitchen and bedroom cabinets. We won't be buying anymore furniture, just bring what we have here. We might buy a new dining table though, since they one we have was a gift from our parents and is over 10 years old. Not that it's not nice or anything but I've been eyeing a round dining table with a lazy susan in the middle.

8 hours and 30 minutes until hubby is home. Heeeeeeeee.....


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