Thursday, January 20, 2005

Another One Leaves the Nest

Yesterday we had farewell party for one of our colleagues. Edwin, who will now be known as “Lucky Bastard” is going to Perth to take his masters in...something to do with Films. Anyway, it sounds like fun unlike what I have....”Electrical and Electronics Engineering plus Mathematics” degree. How geeky can you get?!!

We started the ceremony with some opening remarks from our boss and some slide presentations. Haha, all the blab about revenue targets and activity planning for the year were all actually a smoke screen for the main event....the makan-makan lah!!

We had catered for Nasi Beriyani, which was mighty delicious. Edwin’s mom made her trademark lasagna while I brought jello. Don’t snigger, at least I brought something. UNLIKE THE OTHER 25 FOOD-GRUBBING PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT NOTHING BUT THEIR MASSIVE STOMACHS!!

There, I’m done with my ranting for now.

I was the self-appointed camera lady for the event. Hehehe, I went syok sendiri and appointed myself because I (a) wanted to show off my new digital camera (b) wanted to show off my new, fabulous digital camera (c) wanted to show off my new, fabulous, super-duper, wonderful, magnificent digital camera.

Hold your breath and await the marvelous pictures that will be posted up soon. :D

To Edwin, good luck for the future. Be a good boy over there and don’t you DARE forget us losers here. Sob..sob. Kalau ada rezeki, maybe I’ll come over to visit. Now I have a reason to visit Australia again, must convince hubby to start saving up holiday money again.


Anonymous said...

Guessss whatttt!!!...camne lah aku boleh stumble at your blog...muekekkekekekkekek
remember me?..TURTLE...
ala...turtle lerr?..sudah ingat???kalau tak ingat jugak..pujangga..nora turtle..budak kelas maju..bed aku sebelah bed kowieee....ada ingat???

Along said...

Woit..turtle!! Camne ko boleh jumpa blog aku ni? Isy..apo kabao? Ada baik?

Anonymous said...

ingat ponggg!!..aku baik-baik jer..ter stumble kat blog kau tak sengaja...masa aku dok buang2 masa aku yg byk nih, dok blog hoping..muekekkeke
aku sihat jer...masih cam dulu...single mingle lagik...!!!