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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's the Monkey in my Head Talking

I've changed the color of my template. I may be all woman but I'm not that feminine. I can only hide my disgust for the color pink for so long.


Today had three meetings in a row. Felt super duper busy. I should be done with my meeting quota for this week. Alas, have two more meetings tomorrow and another one on Friday. *sigh*. I should be elected Employee of the Week. Give me a raise, you Mother&^%$#@!!!

Excuse my French, but I just saw my beloved MPV on the road this morning. The fact that I’ll never be able to afford it with my current salary just cuts me. It. Hurts. Bad.

People have been telling me how they've enjoyed reading my blog. Leave a commentlah!! Do you think I do this just for fun? I do it for the sake of being recognized as the mad genius I truly am.

Yes, I am jaded. I need people to tell me I’m fabulous, I’m wonderful, I’m gorgeous, I rock their world!! Don’t tell me you don’t want people to tell you the same thing.


noresh said...

oh my god long!! you can be really blase' sometimes...

Along said...

Blase'? What's blase'? Wait..I'm a genius, I know what blase' means (frantically flipping through dictionary).

You're telling me I don't rock your world? Came know I do. Say it!! Say it!! Hahahahaha (gelak jin)

Anonymous said...

ok lah.. along, you rock my world. NOT!

go settle your unfinished issues 1st. heheh...

Anonymous said...

bila nak start that wedding business? aku nak jadi mak andam..on one condition..i only do pretty brides..heheh buleh ka camtu? Karang kalu yg tak lawa nanti depa salahkan aku makeup pulak..hahaha

Along said... wedding business will become a reality.But because of these chains and balls the company has around my NECK, have to waitlah until contract runs out. Or they fire me. Or I win a million dollars.