Monday, September 12, 2011

A Review of the Weekend

Sorry guys for not updating my blog as much. The internet at home as been like WT%^$#*(@!%. Grrrr..
En Rashid and I finally took last Friday off to “celebrate” our anniversary. In the end, we spent it at the Immigration Office because we realized that our maid’s visa had expired!! Delightful!
On Saturday, we spent the day lounging around the house. Such a luxury nowadays. On Sunday, we took the girls to watch Cars 2. Daria, who was an angel the last time we took her to the movies, turned into the Tasmanian Devil this time. She refused to sit down in her chair and proceeded to turn around and “talk” to the people behind her. Horrors!! In the end, I took her outside and as it turned out, she had peed through her diaper. Great!!  
I start classes today. After 9 weeks of break, the thought of staying up until 3am to complete assignments just doesn’t feel right. Hahaha. Plus, this trimester, we start our electives so most of my classmates will be scattered as some of us will be taking Marketing, Finance, HR, IB or General Management.
Min, we won’t be able to gossip and share titty jokes in class anymore!!! L
Really feeling the Monday Blues today. Plus I’m fasting so can’t use food as my refuge. *Sigh*


Yazmin said...

Fear not! I shall scan my pornographic doodles I draw in class and email them to you. It'll be just like the good ol' days :')

Along said...

Yes, please do. That will be the highlight of the week!! Also dinner on Thursdays will be time for catchup gossip.