Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st Day of Class

So yesterday was my 1st day back to class, after a loooonnnngggg break. Eventhough part of me was dreading the work and sleepless nights up ahead, part of me was still excited to come back to school, to see those familiar faces and find out whether my lecturer was an ogre or not.

I was a bit late arriving but since it was the 1st day, a lot of students were still jumping here and there, looking for their classrooms. Some were still contemplating which electives to take.

Unfortunately, the books for my electives had not yet arrived so it was basically just an introductory lecture for the first day. Oya, my lecturer is NOT an ogre (phew!!) but she seems strict. She does seem somewhat organized, which I feel is a trend among the lady lecturers (and the lady ones only!). I have a few friends from last trimester with me in this class, though the majority of my classmates are full-time students. I don't know why we part-timers just dread the full-time students, but it was a hot topic during dinner. Hahahaha. All in all, my class is rather small (only 16 of us), with a few hot Iranian gals thrown into the mix.

Min, you and I would have totally drooled over those gals together!!

I have classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays which seems fine to me. I will find ways to have afternoon meetings in Cyberjaya during those days..hehe. Thank god I don't have classes on Friday (sucks to be you, Min !).

Oya, fasting again today. Only my 2nd day but getting back into gear. Yesterday was "penuh dugaan"...hmmm. But since I woke up for sahur today, hopefully I won't turn into an ogre half way through the day.

ps: Got to work at 7.15am today!! Felt mighty smug but no one else is here yet to hear me brag.


Aapitz said...

Aiyooo along....i dun know laaa how u can juggle between classes, exams, office works and family...kalo aku kompem dah stress x pasal2...

Sekarang pon dah macam haper...kalo further study tak tau laa cam ner...

But once you are there....redah jer laaaa kan. Ramai jer our friend out there dah prove bleh further study even tho dah ader family sumer kan... :)

Wish u all the best....and selamat kembali ke sekolah...! ahahahhaa :P

Yazmin said...

Why do I need hot Iranian women to drool over when I have a mirror? Da-dum cha!

Along said...

Aapitz: Support is crucial..from hubby, kids, family, maid (hehehe), boss. Then semangat pun kena ada...motivational push..insya'allah. Dulu Along pun rasa cam takleh cope je kalau working & studying at the same time..but alhamdulillah, so far ok la. Penat memang penat...tapi seronok pun ada.

Yazmin: You're part Iranian?!!

Yazmin said...

No. I don't do parts. I'm ALL hot genes. Hoo yeah!