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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Heel of a Time

Yesterday was tiring. For one thing, Dina threw up the night before and was still very much under the weather that following morning. Hubby had left for work (without telling me!!) but since my meeting didn't start until 10am, I took the time to comfort her and get her to eat something. She threw up some more so I told her to go wash her face and lie down on the couch to watch TV. She was more than happy to oblige though she did show some concern about missing school.

I finally reached work about 10am but there was no available free parking so I made my way to the building beside our office to park there. Even that was almost full. Since the meeting had already started, I walked quickly through the parking lot. As my luck would have it, the heel of my shoe caught in between the cracks of the ramp and broke.


I hobbled to the wall and took off my shoe. The heel was dangling dangerously. I banged the heel to the wall. Looks ok. I put it back on and tried to walk. If I didn't walk fast, the heel would stay put.

The shoe lasted until the end of the day (my last meeting ended at 7.30pm) but it's obvious I need new shoes. Sigh...well, the pair I had was already 2 years old. Plus I wear it almost everyday to work so it's way time for a new pair.

So, that's the agenda for today. Shopping for new shoes. Time to get into my Bradshaw persona.