Monday, February 08, 2010

The Cows, The Witch and The Dressing Table

Since Saturday was spent entertaining my mom (Hi mom, love you!!), Sunday was supposed to be the day I bought my new shoes.

Hubby decided to take us all out after lunch. Initially we headed to the Pyramids but parking was horrendous!! Even the valet parking was full and since we had bought Daria, there was no way we were parking too far from the mall.

In the end, I suggested heading to Tropicana City. We had passed the mall several times but never been.

It was smooth traffic all the way there, surprisingly. Parking also was a breeze.

Finding my shoes was another issue.

That shopping mall sucks!! Hardly any shops around. I don't know what their theme is. Nak kata high end pun bukan, nak kata low end pun bukan. Even Dania was like "Ibu, ini je ke kedai dia?"

In the end, we headed to Carre4 for some bread and sit for a while to enjoy the sausage buns. Daria was an angel throughout, eating her biscuits and grinning at everyone who passes by.

In the end, we went home. Seriously, who knew shoes shopping would be so stressful.
On the way back, we passed by the UPM fields and saw some cows. Hubby stopped by the side of the road and we entered the road beside the fields.

The girls were very excited to see the cows. Even Daria was fascinated by them especially when they started mooing. Moooo!!! Heee..

We arrived home around 6pm so I dragged hubby out again after Asar to look for a dressing table. I cannot believe I've been searching for one for nearly a year!!

We headed to the nearest Courts Mammoth but the after finally finding one that fitted my criteria, we found out that they only sold it in a complete set. We headed to the Bangi furniture store and still no luck. Grrrr...

So, I'm still shoeless and dressing table-less. Better luck next weekend.


Nur H said...

suka lah gambar ni. ganti dengan biri-biri, nampak macam kat oversea...:)

Along said...

Fizi: Itu je tempat tu. Kitaorg agak2 trespassing jugak. Heee..