Monday, February 01, 2010

Books and Upin & Ipin

So yesterday we all went back to my mom's house. I had told hubby about the M.P.H book sale and by the way my mouth was salivating over the thought of being in proximity with thousands and thousands of books for sale, hubby knew it would be in his best interest to indulge me. Hehe.

We arrive at Bj around 11am, then after dropping of Daria and Bibik, we headed to Stadium Malawati. Since it was a Sunday, the outdoor market was also taking place so parking was kind of a nightmare. Hubby dropped me and the girls first before trying to find a shady place to park.

I had told the girls about the coloring contest but alas, in our haste to get to the stadium, we had forgotten to bring any coloring pencils. Fortunately the girls were ok and soon they were going through the heaps of books laid out, searching for something to buy.

The book sale was ok, most of the books were 20% off. I would say 70% of the books catered for kids, so I bought a few for Daria (since she only has that one "touch and feel" book) and a few for the Dania and Dina. The Magical Tales and Fairy Tales books were quite cheap, considering they were hard cover and each had like 15 stories in the. Tinkerbell was a compromise between Dania and myself; she wanted to buy this bracelet and bead making set. I told her she could only buy books so she choose this. Flipping through it, I saw that it was exactly the same as the Tinkerbell movie that had been playing on TV (for 10 times already) but it was going cheap so it didn't matter.

There were lots of books catered for babies and toddlers but I pick these two because Dania and Dina could read them to Daria, if they wanted to. Both were hard cover and very colorful. Daria was somewhat interested in the books when I presented them to her. She was more interested in putting them in her mouth, if anything else! Hahaha..

Of course, after buying books for the girls, I had to find some for myself. I was searching for more of The Keeper books by Terry Goodkind, alas none where to be found. So I settled for an old friend instead; John Grisham. I already have most of his books, so it was a task finding ones that I didn't. Being a book sale, most of the books were all over the place, despite numerous M.P.H personnel trying to rearrange the books according to author. I think these books are going to last me a week. I'm already 3 pages through the 1st one.

After paying for the books, we headed to the stage to await the main event; Upin and Ipin appearances. The girls are fans of the cartoon and were very excited.

The girls, while waiting for the mascots to appear.

After 20 minutes waiting, they announced the arrival of Upin and Ipin. As expected, all the kids went crazy and started to rush the stage. Fortunately, crowd control was pretty efficient, if not, matila maskot tu kena serbu. They had a short quiz session and then gave out prizes for the coloring contest. Then it was photo time. I asked the girls to go nearer to the stage so I could take a picture of them with U&I. However, due to the rush from the other kids, posing and taking pictures was just out of the question. So the girls took pictures with Kak Ros instead. Jadi laaaa.....:D.


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

Yay!! cepatnye buat entry. sounded like you and the girls had fun... wish I could've gone as well, if not for the books, then to see the look on Arina's face seeing U&I 'live'... hehehe

Along said...

Yeah, the kids there were really into U&I. They even had that kids who did Ehsan's voice. Kind of cool.