Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Water Everywhere!!

It's been a hectic week. We went to Melaka for CNY holidays and when we came back, the water pipes from above (don't know where exactly) had apparently burst and caused a flooding on our stairway and hall. Argghhh!! Hubby was frantic seeing his beloved wood flooring all covered in water.

We mopped and wiped the floor as best as we could. Then hubby proceeded to find the tap to the main pipe. One would think it was the one outside the house but apparently ours was placed somewhere else. Don't ask me where coz I was passed out on the kitchen floor, looking up at my beautiful plaster ceiling all molding and going black.
We called our contractor but apparently he's on leave until Chap Goh May!! So in the meantime, hubby has switched off the water supply to the upstairs bathrooms (thank god the water stopped dripping!!) and we all have to take turns using the one downstairs bathroom.

As it is, our HK trip may be postponed to another time. I have no idea how much the damage is going to cost us but as a backup plan, hubby has suggested to go to Singapore instead for the holidays. Closer and much cheaper than HK.


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

omg, horror nye!!! can't imagine coming home to that.. but at least it's flooding, not a fire. that's even more scary innit??

poor you... tak tentu pasal kena cancel your plans.

well, it doesn't really matter where you are, it's who you're with so I hope you have fun wherever it is you guys decide to go...

MaizMalik said...

ya Allahhh...baca pun dah panics gila nih...lagilah along yg mengalaminya..ish ishish....sabar ya along. maiz kenai and nak rekemen sorang kontraktor ni En Azham: 0173800445. kot nak urgent kontraktor yg boleh dipercayai dan maybe tanya opinion dia cmana kan sementara tunggu ur kontraktor back from holiday. gud luck.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Our upstairs neighbor has caused a leak into our condo before and it was a nightmare trying to get him to fix it before our whole ceiling caved in, and turns out his insurance doesn't have to pay for it.

Along said...

MOTL: Memang horror. The HK plans are being put on the shelve. Actually tengok ceiling ni pun dah tawar hati nak pi mana2...but pity the kids coz they're really looking forward to it.

Maiz: Thanks for the contact!! Insya'allah will get Rashid to nak pastikan paip mana yang pecah ni. And also how extensive is the damage...huhuhuh..sedih gue!

AJB: I can only imagine living in a condo and having your upstairs neighbour causing a leak. Yikes!! At least in my case, I control the outcome...and not have to depend on others to clean up their mess.

raggedyanne said...

omg, how very unfortunate! I can imagine the kids must have been terpinga2 looking at their house.

sorry to hear abt the change of plans too. Maybe there's a blessing in disguise :)