Saturday, January 01, 2011

Still At The Hospital

Daria was supposed to be discharged from the hospital today but last night, her fever came back. Plus when the doctor checked her this morning, she said that Daria's phlegm was still bad. So now, they've increased her nebulizer session to every 3 hours instead of every 4.

Every part of me hurts seeing Daria this way. I'm so worried that she won't eat or even drink much. She must be starving!! Today she just had like 4 pieces of honeystar (4!) and a little bit of rice. I had to force her to finish a bottle of warm water. She's even refusing to eat her favorites like jelly or buttermilk bread.

Tonight will be the 4th night Daria and I stay at the hospital. I really hope she'll be much better tomorrow so the doctor will discharge us. I don't mind having to travel to and fro to the hospital for Daria to take her nebulizer. It's only 10 minutes away from the hospital. I just pity her being couped up in the small room, with nothing much to do.
Her hand looks so small like that. Hubby said she cried for like an hour after the doctor entered the drip line. Uhuk...poor baby.

This was taken on the 1st night we stayed at the hospital. Poor baby couldn't sleep the whole night and woke up frequently, tired and disoriented. It was nearly 4am when she finally dozed off.We let her out of the room a couple of times so she could stretch her legs. It was a bit funny seeing her push the drip stand along...from afar, it looked like the drip stand was moving on its own! The nurses were very impressed..."pandai adik Daria tolak sendiri."


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

alahai she's still not better?!! the poor thing. you must be worried sick!!! and tired i'm sure. It always drains me emotionally and physically when my kids get sick. hope she gets well soon!!! she looks so adorable though for someone who's in the hospital!!! tak nampak weak langsung!! Insya Allah that means she'll be better asap. take care!!

Huda Ahsin said...

Memang tak sampai hati bila anak kena masuk hospital. Kena IV la, kena neb la, etc, etc... Harap Daria cepat baik... walaupun tengah sakit pun dia tetap maintain comel!

Aapitz said...

hope she's getting better...along pon take care tau...

Along said...

MOTL: Alhamdulillah, she doing better now. Selera pun dah start ada...I got so worried that she wouldn't eat or drink.

Huda: TQ for the kind wishes...Daria memang maintain comel sentiasa..:D.

Apit: Thanks Apit...alhamdulillah, dah mula ok dah Daria.

Anonymous said...

imagine daria jalan sorang2 malam pusing hospital.

mesti nurses situ melompat tiba2 ada drip hanger bergerak sendiri.