Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If I had Balls, They Would Have Shrunk To The Size of Peanuts

Up studying for my FM mid terms. Shit, I'm sooooo gonna flunk this class!! I've been trying to do the calculations since yesterday and I still can't figure out which formula to use when. I am so screwed, if I were a light bulb, I'll be shootingt 100 kilowatt rays out from my behind.

And to think FM isn't even the most scariest subject this trimester. Nooo, that honor would have to go to my OM class. Seriously, the fact the mid term is open book is a warning by itself. Plus the fact the lecturer made a remark "I love seeing the students during open book exams; they spend half the time flipping every page in the book!"

Talk about sadistic!!

We have 10 questions for our FM mid terms; 5 essays and 5 calculations. When asked how many we had to answer, the professor said "choose all!". Hah!! We don't know how many questions we have for our OM paper coz I have a feeling the prof is going to be doing them at the very last minute. Early preparation is not his style. I can't tell you how many times he's walked into class and claim "I'm not prepared for this lecture but let's see what we can learn." One time, he took the whole 3 hours trying to explain a scenario question to us. He's nice and all and loves to talk about real-life experiences which are rather interesting and nice and all if only we didn't have exams and were appraised based on our listening skills and ability to look interested in class.

Last night I slept at 3am, trying to do the FM calculations. As a result, I was super tired at work. Didn't help that my emails wouldn't send out. I can't stay up late tonight, already feel like a migraine on its way.


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

good luck along!!! don't worry. mesti boleh punye!!! all the best!!!

Unknown said...

Salam ALong..

Best of luck... :)

Anonymous said...

2 tahun je

Anonymous said...

OM sucks badly...failure ratetinggi kat Sunway...I'm lucky...OM everyday at kilang...


Along said...

MOTL: Hehehe...thanks! Hopefully bleh la...

ummu: Terima kasih!!

TOAJ: I know...thank god. Kalau 4 tahun macam buat degree, x larat la.

Shu: Arghh...u are not helping my lack of confidence! Hopefully OM lecturer very lenient with marks..not our fault kalau dah semua x paham apa yg dia ajar. Haha.