Saturday, January 08, 2011

Mid Terms...*gasp*

Lats night, I had my 1st mid term paper, HRM. Errkkk...a lot of it was last minute studying, what with the case of Daria and then starting work and all the excuses of the world. I wonder if I can blame the floods in Australia for my lack of seriousness this trimester?

Seriously, I haven't been studying as much as last trimester. This time I've been more on a cruising mode throughout. Nah, ambik ko. This month, 3 mid terms, 3 presentations, 3 group work all due!! Time for sleeping? Fuhgetaboutit!!

Luckily I've done the slides for my group presentation due next Tuesday. Plus we have most of the data for our group HRM term paper. I still need to find all the data for our OM case study and help collect data for our FM group assignment. Plus next week, I have 2 more mid terms coming; FM and OM. Both are scary subjects, which is why I should really stop blogging and start studying now!!

Oya, how did I do for my HRM mid term. 1st of all, the lecturer only gave us 1 hr and 45 minutes to complete 4 questions which is CRAZY because it took me 15 minutes to write down all the points before I forgot them. Then there was one question which I just breeeeeezzed through the notes like 10 minutes before entering the exam hall so I know I got one part of the question wrong but the rest should be OK. Overall, I would say I'm confident with 50% of my answers, OK with another 30% and freaked out with the remaining 20% rubbish I wrote down. Like crap, I was writing until the last second!! And my hand was still shaking 5 minutes after we handed in our papers.

Oh well, it's over and done with. Thank god the mid term is only 20%. Must do better for my finals and group work.

Arghhhh...don't be lazy Along!! Kata nak 4 flat lagiiiii!!