Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dressing Table At Last

While I was taking a breather playing Angry Birds (Die you stupid pigs, DIE!!!!), hubby was doing his Tim Taylor project of the month.

I finally have a dressing table. After nearly 10 years of marriage. Heee. No more having to get dressed in the bathroom.

Bought it at since it was going at half price. Still a little bit out of my range but we saved on delivery charges thanks to The Tank.

See how it fits nicely in our bedroom. Not too big, not too small.The color also matches the cupboard. Initially I wanted to place it near the door, but En Rashid said it would be better in front of the bed.

I guess we finally have our own sex mirror.

Oh come on, like that thought never crossed your mind. Heee.
This was the aftermath though. I spent 30 minutes cutting up the cardboard box into smaller pieces. Then another 30 minutes sweeping up all the dust and mopping the floor.

Not complaining though. At least I have one more thing off my wishlist.


nadya.s said...

lawa long, design pun cantik., tapi kena lap abuk kt dressing table top selalu la long, unless jenis x bukak tingkap langsung..

i put on my stuff on top drawer,sumbat semua..tapi after a while dah tak muat..letak la atas dressing table.. abesss berabuk.

Along said...

Nad: Yep, memang kena lap ari2. Eventho x bukak tingkap sebab bilik beraircon. As of now, blum letak barang lagi sebab aritu penat mengemas, maybe weekend ni nak pindahkan semua barang2 ke dlm dressing table.