Friday, January 14, 2011

2 Down, 1 More To Go

Yesterday we had our OM mid term. As expected, it was CRAZY!! There were 6 questions and I think I could only answer 2. Seriously, the other 4 have not been taught by the lecturer. Thank god it was an open book exam but still….open book doesn’t help much when you don’t where to start looking for the answer.

I really hope he’s going to be lenient in giving our grades. Urgghh.

He was really excited seeing our shocked faces when he gave out the question sheets. Kept on asking “What do you guys think? Interesting?” Err, yeah…interesting how all of this have never been taught before. Interesting how you actually walked in and switched off the lights when time was up even though most of us were still feverishly writing (Ok, he did it as a joke..but still!!).

Haha..whatever. Just so glad that’s over and done with. Now, just have to get FM mid terms over with this Sunday (Sunday!!) and it’s time to cram for group assignments. Sigh…tell me why I signed up for this again.


Sal said...

Good Luck...Along....

Idham Idris said...

I think you're in the same class as a friend of mine, Azmady Aziz ... he's an engineer from TNB. Kat UPM kan?

Along said...

Sal: Thanks dear.

Idham: Hehehehe..yep, he's one of my classmates. But don't tell him about my blog ok?

Idham Idris said...

haa ok2 my lips are sealed :D