Wednesday, September 29, 2010


OK, enough about the cat lover. Here's random facts about what's going on at Casa Along.

1. Dania is having her exams this week and she only told me yesterday. She called me up at work for me to wish her luck. Her exact words were "Ibu, wish me luck. I have exams today but don't worry, I already read my books last night....when you were at school." Note, the last part of her sentence got me.

2. Dina is going to be 6 next week. My brother is going to have a makan2 session on Sunday (which my MOM told me about..and invited me to. Tuan rumah tak ajak pun...but who cares..:P) so I may crash the party with a birthday cake for her.

3. I got really good marks for my Econs paper!! Yeah!! I was a bit peeved that I lost marks for not understanding correctly the question but all in all, over 20, 18.7 is not bad. Not bad at all!! I just hope I can continue to pull in good marks for this class. My group presentation is due next Monday (to which the cat lover is also in my group) so this weekend will be used to complete that and the many other assignments pending.

4. Hubby and the girls may be going back to Melaka Friay night for hubby's cousin's wedding. Which means I'll be home alone again this weekend. But only until Saturday night since the makan2 session is on Sunday.

5. I may use the time alone to go visit my dear friend Noresh, who gave birth to a new baby boy 3 weeks back. I still have her Spanx she ordered. Heee...jangan marah ah Noresh. Anything, I'll call you.

6. I can't believe my 1st trimester is almost over. Only 2-3 more classes, then the Finals. Wow.

7. I'm on my 5th day of puasa enam. Hopefully I can complete before Syawal ends.

8. I need to wax my legs. Like seriously.


ummufatihah said...

Salam ALong...

Anak2 kita lebih kurang sama ler.. I've three girls; eldest nov nih 8 thn, 2nd 5 thn 3 bln and the youngest 1 year 6 mths.

Good luck untuk pembentangan yeh... Saya dulu kelas setiap hujung minggu. So, sepanjang dua tahun tu, memang byk family function yang saya tak dpt join. Anak2 pun jarang sgt dpt jalan2 sebab abah diorang duduk jauh.

Anonymous said...

2. iye, silakan please..

Along said...

Ummu: Wah, macam planning plak. Hehehe...kalau dapat berjumpa, mesti anak2 seronok bermain bersama :).
Thank you for the wishes. Memang tengah berpeluh sejuk jugak ni. Yeah, since starting my MBA, I've had to sacrifice a lot of weekends; time tu je ada untuk discuss assignments.

Anony: Iye...kalau terasa rajin laaaaaa.

Sal said...

Berkorban dulu....berjaya kemudian...hehehe


haaa cepatt... aku nak start pakai spanx tu dah... hehehhe...