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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat Took His Mind?

I’m a cat lover myself but at a loss for words when one of my coursemates gave an excuse he couldn’t complete his portion of our group assignment because HIS CAT IS MISSING!

When I saw his email, I almost choked on my own saliva!

I exchanged sms’s with another coursemate, all the while laughing about the situation. Heinous, I know. But come on…the cat’s probably out getting lucky somewhere, with some bad boy tom cat from the neighborhood.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my 1st trimester, is that I really need to select better group mates to do group assignments with. I don’t claim I know everything but if I’m willing to sleep at 3am, googling up information, then I expect my groups mates to at least add some value to the assignment. It’s one thing to get a good mark but to get a good mark when you haven’t contributed anything of value to the group assignment, just bugs me. I know I should say something to the lecturer, tapi tak sampai hati pulak. If I tell, it’s not going to affect my grades in any way, so…hmm..just let it be la.

What would you guys do if you were in my situation? Tell the prof? Let it be?


Aapitz said...

Aiyooo..along, mmg ramai jer org yg cam nie...amik kesempatan..

Nampak plak group mates bleh harap, mmg lepas tgn laaa kan..

Group assignment bleh aaa lepas, sensorang punyer assignment or exam nanti..tgk kalu...bleh lepas ker tak...??

Jgn pikirkan sgt kebodohan orang cam nie...tak berkat dia blaja wat cam tuh okay..

ummufatihah said...

Salam ALong...

I know what you felt.. I just completed my Exec. MBA early last year. I learnt alot about people. :)...

Be patient.. its just the beginning of the real lesson of life.. :) DOnt want to scared you off but you'll learn lots more excuses from them for not doing their part of the assignment...

In fact I have lots of thing to share but dont think the space here is enough...

Maybe I would say good luck and be consistent start from the beginning. Never loss your momentum and spirit and you'll be there with all the flying colours..

I can and i am sure you can... (I was in my pantang when i prepare for my final paper..:)

Along said...

Aapitz: Itu la...lawak pun ada, rasa bengang pun ada. Maleh la ada free rider macam ni. Dah la bujang..sibuk ngan cat dia. Hello..aku yg keje full-time, anak 3, bleh carik masa nak buat assignment, don't tell me u cannot!

Ummu:Yeah, this is not going to break me, but it still bugs me. Thing is, one course is RM1500...don't tell me you don't want your money's worth?! At the end of the day, you wanna go back and say, I learned something from this course.

Sal said...

Alahai...nama pun kucing kan. Biar ler dia pikir sendiri mana yg lebih penting nak buat dulu. Sajer jer carik alasan nak elak dr buat grp assignment tu....

nadya.s said...

tu kes bongok dah tu long..

my opinion, sekali 2 dia buat kot along bleh buat pejam mata..

tapi kalau mcm byk kali, maybe along boleh share the concert with the prof.,get the prof to have slow talk dgn dia..

lelaki dan kucing..? sounds gay. haha!! jahat nad.

Along said...

Sal: Ntah..kucing tu lapar nanti tau la dia balik. Memang unbelieveable la bila dpt email dia.

Nad: Hang memang jahat! Hahahah...but to tell you the truth, that was what me and my coursemate were saying also. Thing is, he doesn't show any tendencies to be "gay"...but you never know. Yang best, he's also in my group for another class..sabar je la. I'm hoping the prof bagi chance for us to give peer evaluations.