Monday, September 06, 2010

Final Mid Term

I have my final mid term paper tomorrow. Actually today since it's already past 1am. I'm freaking out because I just started studying. All my plans to study during the weekends went kaput.

On Saturday, we spent the day at my grandma's house. My cousins from Melaka came up so it was a joyous event. My mom told us to each bring a dish. Initially I wanted to go all out and cook nasi impit with lontong and peanut sauce. In the end, I cooked fried mee..:P. Which was ok because there was too much food in the end, anyway. We had murtabak, lasagna (my SIL's cooking), something like 6-7 types of lauk galore!

We stayed at my grandma's house until midnight then headed to my mom's house. Her maid was scheduled to leave for Indon the next morning for 2 weeks, so I offered to cook dinner for breaking fast. I cooked my speciality, chicken rice. My brothers were very appreciative...hehehe...they finished up all the rice and chicken.

We headed back home around 9.30pm. It took me 40 minutes to put Daria down for her bedtime as she was still hyper from all the action that happened this weekend.

I have 3 chapters to read for the mid term and have finished 2. Well, finished is not the correct word..I've read through the notes and redone the assignments. According to the professor, his questions will be similar to the assignments so I'm crossing my fingers I will at least know what to write later on.

Getting kind of sleepy. Maybe I should get some shut eye. Luckily I'm taking study leave tomorrow so I still have time to do some last minute studying.


Aapitz said...

eerrkk, raser cam along baru jer masuk blaja...dah mid termm


Along said...

Apit: itula..baru nak masuk gear ni, dah exam la plak. Haru betul...semoga takyah repeat course..muahahahha.

zaimanik said...

good luck Long..semoga lulus dgn cemerlang