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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Garage Sale?

I feel like having a garage sale. Everytime I enter the 2nd bedroom upstairs, I see all the accumulated clothes, books, toys and basically junk stashed up in the corner. It's a hassle to sweep there plus I'm almost certain something could have died there without me knowing.

I know I have too many books to count, plus the girls have many clothes that are too small for them but still in really good shape. And God knows, hubby has too many shirts and t-shirts to fit into his closet.

I wonder if I can rope in my mom and brothers to join in for the garage sale.

Yes, this is going to be my next project.

Like I haven't got enough projects already.


Mom-On-The-Loose said...

jual je dulu kat your blog readers. I for one am interested in girls clothes & toys. :P

Along said...

MOTL: That sounds like an idea also. Maybe I should start small. But buying online sometimes x puas la..especially clothes..nak kena rasa and acu baru puas.

MaizMalik said...

ya la dulu kat online. mana tau ada yg tak kisah beli online hehe maiz pun baru lepas mengemas rumah (time lepas pantang tapi still cuti and tak tau nak buat apa), so memang ada la few things yg nak let go :) jom kita jual online hehe

Sal said...

Along, aku suggest klau ko bleh gie jual at car boot sales....aku rasa kat putrajaya ada laa...

kat melaka nie, mmg ada.....

Along said...

Maiz: Itula..maybe doing it online 1st would be a better option. Test the water first.

Sal: Ada carboot sale kat maeps (serdang) tak silap. Tapi kena find out how to get a spot.