Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mouse In Your Mouth

I almost threw up when I read this article in the news today. Urgghhh…..Translation: Man shocked to find dead rat in bread.

London: A man almost threw up when he discovered a dead rat stuck in a loaf of bread he had prepared for his children, yesterday.

Father of four, Stephen Forse, said that he had bought the loaf of bread at a nearby store in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Said Forse, 41, he had already eaten a few slices of the bread when he noticed the dead rat.
“I became even more nauseous when the health inspector told me that they could not find the dead rat’s tail. I probably have already eaten it!”

Eventhough none of the Forse family members got sick, the bread manufacturer, Premier Foods, forked out RM82,376 for failing to comply with cleanliness standards at their factory in Mitcham, south of London.

********End of story**********

First of all, a dead rat in your food?! A dead rat is gross enough, but to find it in your food? Urrgghhh…just gives me the shimmies.

Plus, they couldn’t find the tail? The tail is the grossest part!! *shudder*

And he bought the loaf of bread at I can just picture Noresh going, “There, I told you guys. Don’t shop there!” Heeeee.

Personally I think the amount forked out by the bread company (it didn’t say as compensation to family or not) is waayyy to little. The dude is traumatized for life at the sight of bread! He had a dead rat in his mouth!

Urghhhh…excuse me while I go rinse out my mouth. Macam aku lak yang tergigit bangkai tikus ni. Uwaaa.


Sal said...

Kembang tekak aku...

Along said...

Sal: Aku lagi la..terlompat2 time baca artikel tu. Eeeee...


wohhheeeyyyy... nama aku naik?? siot ko!

Along said...

Nora: Sebab ko selalu lecture kitaorg hal tu...aku ingat punya!!