Monday, September 20, 2010

1st Day...

...back at work after the long raya break. Eventhough it was heaven, getting up at 11am (earliest!), playing with the girls, cooking for the family..coming back to work was also strangely welcoming.

My class tonight has been cancelled since my prof is still in the States for his course. That's 2 classes he cancelled already! Which of course will translate into replacement classes on Saturday. Grrr...

Speaking of weekends, seeing how it's still early Syawal, we have open houses and weddings lined up every weekend. I might be able to go to the ones close by but may have to pass on those further away.

This month and the next is going to be extra busy. The launch project for our product is due on the first of next month while the commercialization is due in October. My accounts group project is due end of this month(eeeeekkkkk!!!) since the professor is going off somewhere starting next month. Suka2 je ditch kitaorang tengah2 semester camni. Hmmm. Good thing I've started on my Economics group presentation but have yet to do anything for my OB group presentation. Yikes!! My armpits are sweating already with anxiety.