Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Cat Business

OK, here’s more info on the cat lover. Korang ni..aku posa tau..tapi dek dah bukak cite, habis semua aku nak citekan kat sini. Muahahahaha..

Yes, he is a guy. No, he is not married. Yes, he is working thus not a fresh grad. No, I do not think he is gay. However this cat incident has me thinking otherwise. *evil thoughts*

Today, we tried to include him further in the assignment discussion by giving him some research to do. Ok, one thing, he acknowledges the fact that he has not contributed anything. I'll give him that. However, his reason was “I can’t help it”.

He can’t help it?

It’s beyond his control?

Against his religion? Teachings while growing up? Personal values?

Again, I find myself at a lost reading his email.

My other coursemate was like “You know, maybe the cat was expensive. Maybe it is all he has. Maybe it brought him up. Let’s not judge.”

Muahahahaha…brought up by the cat like Mowgli and Baloo? Like Tarzan and the apes? The image is running through my head.

How can a situation be so seriously funny and irritating at the same time?


ummufatihah said...

Salam Along...

You'll never know how far you will stretch your learning curve and experience from your MBA courses... This one could be OB subject in disguise.. :)

Keep on blogging about your MBA experience.. Rasa "rindu" pulak dengan MBA life... Saya selalu kata saya dapatkan MBA saya dengan air mata dan "darah".. :)

Along said...

Ummu: Hehehe..yep, this is definately one OB lesson you can't learn via tutorial. Team dynamics. Yg kelakarnya, arini baru lecturer nak masuk topic ni...kebetulan.

nadya.s said...

i still believe that there's something fishy about him and the 'cat'..

betul ke dia ada 'cat' ? hehehehe!

Along said...

Nad: Hahahaha..itu la. Was2 jugak ni. Maybe I should ask him for a picture of him with the cat as proof. Hehehehe...melampau la plak.

nadya.s said...

u should.. to justify that the cat really exist., just in case. he he!

Anonymous said...

monkey kot. busy and tired after having spanked the monkey hahaha