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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Monday, August 23, 2010

Your Personality Revealed

I had forgotten about this so-called personality test due to all that's been happening until JAD reminded me in my last post. Ok, so here it goes.

Some of you (actually, only 2 people...muahahaha) have given your answers to my Phsycho test. Heee. Here are what the questions mean.

1) Think about your favorite colour and write down three adjectives describing that color.
The words you used to describe your favorite color is how you subconsciously see yourself.
My answer was Blue - calm, cooling, romantic. I have no comment other than calm??!! I can't remember the last time I was calm. And does one become cooling? Or should it read as cool? Because I'm definitely that...I'm the coolest Mom to walk Bangi ground. Just as my kids would agree. Heee.

MOTL said basically the same thing Blue - calm, cool and soothing., your husband must be one lucky guy :D.
JAD mentioned Red - bold, bright, pretty. Hehehehe...nice.

2)Think about your favorite animal and write down three words describing that animal.
The words used to desribe your favorite animal reveals how you think others see you.
My answer was Cat - aloof, independant, carefree. I would have to agree though I would like to be able to change people's perception of me being aloof. I am not a snob!! Carefree? Well, I try not to let the small things in life bother me much. Coz I'm cool, right?

MOTL said Cat - cute, cuddly and playful. I don't know if people calling me cuddly is a good thing...unless it's my husband or my kids. Other than that, cuddly could be interpreted as ...ehem...gedebab! Hehehe..
JAD put down giraffe: tall / elegant / thin. OK, I know JAD personally and she is no giraffe. Hahaha...ok la, bagi can...part elegant I will accept. :D

3) Now, think about an all white room. The walls are white, the floor is white, there is no sound in the room, no windows, everything is white. Now list three words to describe how that room makes you feel.
The words used to describe your feelings in a white room are how you subconsciously feel about your future.
My answer was - scary, quiet, alone. I need therapy. Stat!!

MOTL answered peaceful, lonely, dreamy. I think that would work well in an old folk's home. Hehehe..
JAD answered bored / sleepy / restless. I'm kind of worried for her....

4) Lastly, think about a body of water. Any body of water whether it's an ocean, river, stream whatever. List three words describing that body of water.
This one, well this one reveals how you like your sex.
My answer was Waterfall - refreshing, energizing, fast. Holy sex kitten-MILF-couger rolled into one!! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw what that question revealed. No comment...hahahahhaaa!

MOTL put down Ocean - endless, cool and exciting. Endless?!! Endless??!! Dasat!!
JAD replied waterfall = calm / serene / peaceful. I do not know that kind of sex...hahahaha..


J.A.D said...

kekeke... aku dok sengih sorang2 kat ofis ni. i told you what... giraffe is what i want not what i have.. hehe

i think i need to change job pronto or the prediction will come true *horror*

Along said...

JAD: nevermind..u can be a giraffe in your mind. :D. Job change...hehehe..maybe it is a sign?

Cat said...

Endless erk Along?? huhuhuhuhu awesome....fantastic mr loba2 :p

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

wakakakakakkakaka omg. tak sudah gelak ok?? oooooohhhh I would LOVE to be seen as cuddly, unfortunately I'm more skin&bones than anything else. *sigh*
as for the future, yeah, i can deal with what i described
now the FINAL question tu yang I boleh pengsan tu... endless and cool?? is there such a thing as cool sex?? endless?? gile ke ape??? memang leh mampus!!!

oh well... all in good fun. Like your final description... sounds like what sex shoud be :P

Along said...

Cat: I know. It's it the act (takkan la) or the feeling that is endless. Curious minds want to know. Hehehe..

MOTL: Hahahah...glad you had a good laugh. It was funny when I found out what my answers meant too.