Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Been One Of Those Days

It all starting with the phonecall I received yesterday from the University.

Uni Clerk: Mrs Azlina, this is regarding your application for ...... It's incomplete. We still need one passport photo and a copy of your latest payslip. Also, your 1st degree is not accredited by JPA so we need you to get a Letter of Credentials from them.

Me: Huh? What?

Uni Clerk: Yeah...oh, and we need them by this Friday.

Shit!! I thought everything was in order. All those things weren't mentioned in the website. Plus, thanks for calling me at 5.30pm, when it was too late for me to do anything that late.

Luckily today I only had one morning meeting. I sms'ed my boss about the situation and she agreed to give me half day to settle everything.

This morning when I woke up, I saw spots all over Daria's body. Great!! Measles! No wonder she had been having the fever off and on for the past 3 days. I took her to the clinic and the doctor verified the case. She gave us some calamine lotion and told me to make sure that Daria got lots of fluids, coconut water being the best.

Since the clinic only opened at 9am, I arrived at the office around 10am. Luckily there was available parking in the basement. I rushed to the meeting, determined to get out before lunch. Unfortunately the meeting dragged on until 12pm. Then my emails acted up and refused to leave the outbox. After rebooting my laptop (dammit, I need a new one!!), I finally cleared all pending emails and packed up my stuff to leave.

But I was hungry. Starving even. So I took my officemate out for a quick lunch. In the end, I took off for JPA around 245pm. luckily traffic was light and I arrived there in record time. After driving around looking for parking (the signage sucks!), I headed to the 6th floor.

As it turns out, I was required to show my scholarship offer letter or student visa to get the letter. What?!! That was like 16 years ago!! I asked the lady there if there was any other way. She said, since I wasn't under a JPA scholarship, I had to show proof that I was a student like 10 years back.

Fine!! Let me go back and rummage through my pile of stuff at home and try to find my old passport!!

I rushed home but not before I made a quick detour to buy Daria some coconuts. I basically made a mess of my bedroom searching for my old passport. Luckily ada!!

It was already 4pm. The office closed at 5pm but knowing government...hmm, it would be more like 445pm. As I drove out onto the highway....what? What was this?!

Are you freaking kidding me?!! A roadblock??!! For the love of....I'm in a rush here, people!!

Ok, roadblock over. But that cost me 10 minutes. Wait, something's blinking.

GREAT!! Just super!! I need to stop for fuel now.

OK, calm down, petrol station is just ahead. Drive in, pump fuel and drive out in 10 minutes. Wait...oh, crap...I pumped the expensive fuel. Ok, that's enough...RM20 should do it. En Rashid can fill up the tank later. the JPA at 430pm. Sign in and get to the 6th floor. Give all the forms required and wait for the letter. expected, most of the staff started going home at 445pm. Hah!!

But at least I got the letter. However seeing it was already nearly 5pm, there was no way I could get to the University to submit everything before the office closed today. Plus I still hadn't done my passport photo. Crap, might as well head home.

I called the Uni and they said I could send everything in by hand Friday morning. Hmm..ok la.

Footnote: Daria's doing a bit better but she's become very clingy and fo the first time, refused to eat. Poor baby.


knv said...

nak further study? i so salute mommies yang sambung belajar ni.

all the best yeah?

Anonymous said...

you mean vandy's degree tak accredited by JPA? then wtf does our sponsors sent us there?

dillazag said...

great hearing that you're continuing on with the studies. Uni mana, buat apa?
I've always wanted to do PhD tapi malaaaasssss ya amaatttt! hihihihihi

Along said...

knv: yep..tho it's been 10 years since my student days. A bit scared...uwaa..

TOAJ: Vandy's engineering degree is not accredited. The rest, yes (according to the website). Funny, huh?

Dilla: Let's see how great it is when I start complaining about no sleep and too much work. Muahahhaa...details will be revealed when I get my acceptance letter. Tak dapat laku, buat malu je. Hehehe.