Thursday, April 08, 2010

Getting Hot & Sweaty With Hubby's not what you think. Hah!!

Last week, F1 came to town. Hubby got us tickets to see the race which was kind of great because the last time we went, I was pregnant with Dina. Since we had plans on Saturday, we didn't go see the qualifiers. Too bad because it rained and watching a race in the rain is always exciting. On the way to Sepang. Hubby had his BMW t-shirt and Ferrari sunglasses on. Hawt!!

The final race was to start at 4pm so we decided to ditch the kids at my mom's house and head to Sepang from there. Fortunately traffic was handled right by the police but we nearly missed the Air Force performance. I had to take pictures from the car, which was ok since they flew right above us many times. The fighter planes that flew above us. They did some really great acrobatics.

We arrived at the race track around 3pm so we had an hour to kill before the race started. We headed in and visited all the booths they had outside. Hubby, before heading in.
My time to pose near the entrance.
My dream another lifetime..with another husband. Muahahahahaaa..
Hubby with his dream car.
L.G also had a booth promoting their latest 3D TV screen. Aaannndd of course hubby took notice of all the sexy promoters. Enough to notice one of them had a tattoo on the small of her back.

Our tickets put us right and the end at the Tower so it was a long walk from the entrance. I was already regretting having jeans on. We got there just in time to see the racers start their initial lap before the race. The racers getting ready for the flag off.
Our seats were right at the end, right at the entrance to the pits top area. At a corner, so we were hoping to see a few good crashes.

Dudes, the sound of the engines...deafening doesn't even begin to describe it. Ear splitting doesn't even begin to describe it. And to make matters worst, we both forgot to bring any earplugs. We spent an entire hour with fingers in our ears, trying to lessen the sound of the engines.

This is how we spent the entire time at the tracks. *Sigh*

After an hour (and after Schumi had bowed out), we decided we had inhaled enough tire fumes to last a lifetime. We also didn't want to get caught in any traffic jam so around 5.30, we headed back. But not before we took more pictures. Schumi's car getting towed away. Too bad for him.
Check out the prices of the food and drinks sold at the track. RM20 for 6 sticks of satay?!! RM20 for a hotdog?!! And the Mat Salleh's were all lining up to buy. Checking the race status at one of the big screen TVs set up near the tracks. I don't understand, you pay hundreds of ringgit for tickets and end up watching the race on a TV screen. Just stay at home next time!!
Sweaty and half deaf..time to go home.


Anonymous said...

takat gambar2 hot & sweaty macam ni, buat apa..

Aunt Juicebox said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I've never been to a race before, but the pic of your hubby with his fingers in his ears looks like me at bagpipe practice sometimes! lol

Along said...

TOAJ: Jadi la...but you can put your own imagination to work. Hahahha..

AJB: It was fun since we hadn't been out on a date just the 2 of us for so long. Bagpipe practice..LOL..I can imagine!!

郭貞宣 said...

如此活躍的文字, 妳好棒哦! ....................................................

Cat said...

half deaf huh Along...huhuhuhu sound pretty enjoying ear plug guess not neccesary aite..for sure wana hear those engine blast off... :p

green apple said...

rajinnya ko Long bersesak2 tengok F1. If only the umbrella girls tu adelah lelaki, aku rela bersesak!

Along said...

chinaman: Welcome..yeah, what you said.

Cat: Haha, yeah, we enjoyed ourselves..but kena admit la, dah makin tua..x larat den nak bersosak2 lagi tmpt macam tu.

GA: Rajin x rajin, En Rashid dah ngajak. Layan je. Male umbrella men? Heee, tak dapat den nak bayangkan...aku dulu la pi terjah ambik gambar sebelah.