Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby

Tua dah laki aku..muahahahahaaa.

Yesterday was hubby's 34th birthday. Eventhough I had planned so many activities for us to do that day, in the end, when you work so many hours during the week, the best birthday present is a whole day just for relaxing and spending time with the girls.

So that's what we did. I cooked nasi lemak for brunch and we lazed around watching reruns of The Good Wife and The Amazing Race (my two favourite shows). In the end, we all headed out for dinner.

Initially we wanted to go to the M.I.N.E.S but then hubby said S.U.N.W.A.Y would be better. Somehow we ended up at I.O.I. Hah, same as last year. First we decided to have Papa Johns (same as last year) but ended up sitting down at TGIF. Ok la..the food was ok (kids eat free!) but the portions could have been more. I think for western food, I'm gonna stick with Chillies.

We walked around until the shops closed then headed home. The girls fell asleep in the car so it was a hassle trying to get them to bed. Daria was the only one who fell asleep right away when I put her in her cot. She didn't wake until 5am for her feeding.

All in all, it was an uneventful birthday celebration but one spent with family is a good one.

Happy birthday hubby!! Love you so much!!


Aunt Juicebox said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

Aapitz said...

So what you gave him this year..? Selalunyer along mesti tanya idea nak bg aper kat hubby...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to enche ayam..

yup, chili's better than tgif. heck, they're opening soon in empire subang. no more driving out to MV or BSC for our chili's fixing heheh

Along said...

AJB: TQ for the wishes!!

Aapitz: This year, nada!! He has everything he needs...and more. Muahahahha...awalnya cadang nak belikan Crocs, but then takde yang berkenan. So raincheck on the birthday present.

TOAJ: Enche ayam says TQ. Chillies in Subang? Whereabouts?

Anonymous said...

empire subang, the new mall+apartment belakang subang parade & wisma consplant.

ada chili's, italiannie, madam kwan's and ntah apa2 lagi later