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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daria and Her Shoes

Since Daria has started walking and refuses to just sit in her stroller when we go out, I decided to get her used to wearing shoes. Bibik took out all of Dania's and Dina's old baby shoes and one by one, we tried them on Daria.

She was comprehensive at first and truth be told, she was kind of irritated with the shoes. The first time we put them on her feet, she walked around like there were magnets attached to the bottom of her shoes. She then tried to pull the shoes off. She couldn't coz they were the Velcro type but she did succeed in pulling the ENTIRE SOLE off one of her shoes. And then she clapped her hands!!

Sabar je la anak ibu ni!

It cost me RM10 to fix the shoes but whatever, I'm not going to spend on new baby shoes, especially since the girls wear them for A DAY and then they're too small already.

So today we tried the shoes on Daria again. This time was a bit better, she actually gave them a try. But then she tried to pick the Minnie Mouse jibbitz that were on her shoes. And then she just gave up walking altogether and decided to crawl again. Hmmm...this is going to take some time to get used to.
Trying out the shoes...still smiling.

The shoes up close. These used to belong to Dania...and they're still ok. Why buy new, right?
OK, now I'm tired. These shoes are breaking my stride!!
Maybe if I tried ripping off the soles again....Or maybe if I just got rid of Minnie here...
Please...take these shoes off me!!
This is what Daria does whenever she sees one of us praying or when she hears the Azan on the TV. Hehehehe..maybe she's praying someone will help her with her shoes. Keep on trying, Syazmin!!


Sal said...

Alahai...cute muka si Daria nie..nak2x photo yg last tuuu..eeee gerammmmm

lilinbiru said...

ya rabbi! geram betul aku tgk rambut daria tu. aku pun re-use je kasut2 lama alia kat adik2 dia. haha

Along said...

Sal: Memang menggeramkan..nak2 time dia buat nakal, then tepuk tangan. Sabarrrrr!

LB: Rambut dia dah x dapat den tolong...macam hutan rimba!! Dah 2 kali cukur dah tu...

:: m.u.n.i.r.a :: said...

daria is sooo cute!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Who is this child?? I want my little baby back. Walking and wearing she potty trained already too?

Along said...

Munirah: Hehehe...

AJB: I wished she was potty trained. Other than that, she does not behave like an 11 month old. She climbing too!! Arghh...and have also starting "talking". Where's my baby gone too?