Sunday, February 07, 2010

Curtains, Hair Cut and Some Really Good Food

So yesterday I was suppose to go buy some new shoes, right? That was the plan before my mom called.

"Pssstt, ada plan. Ibu tengah boring la."

When my mom is bored, it's my responsibility to come up with some activities for us to do. Cancel the shoe shopping. What say you we go to Nilai 3 for some new curtains?

My mom and her maid came over after lunch. Since it was "curtain shopping", I told the girls to stay home. I did however drag hubby, since I wanted his opinion on which pattern to buy.

Mom took us to her usual tailor. After circling the shop several times, hubby selected this flower pattern for the curtains.

Hubby...and flower patterns??!!

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. The 1st patterns he choose, I rejected straight away. It looked like curtains for a kindergarten!! The 2nd one was slightly better but I had my eyes set on a more exclusive pattern.

Hubby wouldn't budge. In fact, he decided the whole house should get the same pattern.

Grrrrr...ok la. Demi hubby tersayang, berbunga la rumah kita lepas ni.

The funny thing is, when it was time to pay the deposit, I pulled out my credit card. Why the hell did I do that? Bang, minta balik duit RM400..terasa nak beli SK-II la. Heeee...

When we got home, I took the girls out for a haircut. My last haircut was 5 months ago (I think) so my hair was a mess! Since I wasn't sure what the current hair trend was (Lady Gaga?!), I just told the hairdresser to shorten the back and thin out the back a bit. For the girls, I gave them their usual "helmet" haircut. Muahahaha...

I had instructured my maid not to cook dinner as my mom was itching for some good Tomyam. We decided to take her to this restaurant we've passed by a couple of times (but never been) called Village View Restaurant. Sapa dok Bangi tau la restaurant ni, but we went to the one on the way to the UKM train station.

When we got there, the parking was rather packed. However, getting a place to sit was no problem as the place was huge!! I don't know if you can see from the photos (using my handphone) but the place had some really nice decor.

We ordered white rice, Tomyam campur, kangkung masak belacan, fried mushrooms, Kerapu masak pedas (spicy grouper) and some kerabu mangga.
Oya, we also ordered soursop juice for drinks. The waiter warned us since we had ordered fish, it would be at least 15-20 minutes until our food arrived.

As we waited, we watched the local drama showing on the big screen projector. Sapa yang tengok Cerekarama yang Ummi Aida lakon tu, apa ending cite tu? Tak sempat tengok habis.

Anyway, once our food arrived, we were amazed at the quantity. Even more so at the taste!

The tomyam to say...tomyammy. Not like some places, where it tastes like watered down ketchup. The tanginest was just right and they weren't stingy with the ingredients. Tons of squid, prawns, chicken and meat bits inside. Very nice!

The fish was heavenly too. The sauce was what made it a hit, just spicy enough. You could tell the fish was really fresh.
The veges were remarkable too, not only for their taste but also their quantity.
We had ordered the tomyam for 2 people but everything else was for one. Still, it was a lot.
I loved the kerabu mangga. Unlike other places, they had less peanuts and more mango. For once, I had to force myself to finish that dish. Usually I'm wrestling with my mom for that dish but this time it was more than enough.

When it came time to pay, the bill was surprisingly low. For all that food, it only cost us RM73. The fish was slightly pricey because they calculated it by every 100 grams but it was worth it.

All in all, I give this place 4 1/2 stars out of 5. 1/2 star taken away just because they don't accept credit cards. But in terms of food and hospitality, I'll be coming to Village View Restaurant again and again.

ps: My mom was very happy and said we should bring my dad here to eat next time. Hubby was happy too and from the picture above, he was very, very, very full. Heeee.