Thursday, January 29, 2009

Only In Malaysia

Malaysia is well known for many things...lush forests, beautiful beaches, great food. Yeah, those are what the tourism people are all shouting about. However there are some even better, funnier things that only people in Malaysia are known for doing and doing well.

Picture 1: Showing a "don't care" attitude. Who cares if this bench is slanting and could collapse at any moment? The people in this government office sure don't and the public waiting to be served couldn't care less. Hey, I'm tired, my number is 148 and it's only showing 33, there's a free seat and I'm sitting here! If I fall to the floor, it'll be a short trip anyhow.

Picture 2: Trying to make a wet string stand, in other words "menegakkan benang yang basah". Obviously these grasscarp fish are not "alive" but they were 3 minutes ago. No, seriously, I think they are just sleeping. Or maybe these 2 fishes somehow knocked their heads together and they're just dizzy.

Picture 3: Showing artistic skills. Like you know the policemen who patrol from this police hut are just grateful for the "fine" artwork on their hut. So tastefully done, it almost takes your eyes off the crooked wooden door that's about to fall off.

Picture 4: Improvising the English and Malay language. As long as you know what they mean, who cares if they spell "car park" as "kapak". Which actually means "axe" in English. But then, does this mean if I park my car here, you're ok with it or will you cut my car into two? Now I'm confused.

Picture 5: Creative advertising. Do you know how many glass and aluminium shops there are in Johor? How are you going to make your shop stand out amongst the crowd? I know, why not be "creative" and hang the signboard upside down? People will certainly notice it then!! Whether or not they'll be able to read it and understand what the hell you're selling is another story but hey, you're being creative!! That should count for something.

Picture 6: Making every second count. Don't you just hate it when you go out to a restaurant with friends or family and you take forever to order because there's always someone who needs to use the restroom? Now you don't have to worry because those bladder-challenged friends of yours can now order there food from the comfort of the toilet!!

Picture 7: Being family-oriented. You need to buy some groceries but there's no one to look after the kids. What's a mom to do? Why, bring them along of course...and put the trolley to good use. Not only do you get your shopping done, the kids get their mid-day rest and you've done some family bonding as well. Bravo, bravo!!


Heather said...

That kid sleeping under the cart is HILARIOUS!

Practically Joe said...

In picture 2 those fish are just playing dead.
Wouldn't you if you were likely to end up in a frying pan if you didn't?