Friday, January 30, 2009

As If My Bookcase Can Take Anymore..

I have a new favorite author; Suzanne Brockmann. Yeah, yeah, some of you might be saying "why Suz Brockmann has been writing for years and you've only discovered her now?!!"

I dunno, I think it's because when I find a new favorite author, I then try to find ALL the books that person has ever written. I have nearly all the books written by Stephen King, John Grisham, Tami Hoag and a few others.

Now I'm into Suzanne Brockmann.

I bought one of her books, "Gone Too Far" last week at a flea market for RM8. Actually it was RM8 for that book and another thriller, so essentially it was much cheaper. And damn, what a find!! I took the book to my in-laws during the CNY holidays and spent most of the time curled up on the sofa, reading and re-reading it.

Now I intend to collect all of Ms Brockmann's Troubleshooter's series. Here are the titles of the books:

THE UNSUNG HERO, Ivy, June 2000 (reissued June 2003)
THE DEFIANT HERO, Ivy, March 2001 (reissued June 2003)
OVER THE EDGE, Ivy, September 2001
OUT OF CONTROL, Ballantine, April 2002
INTO THE NIGHT, Ballantine, November 2002
GONE TOO FAR, Ballantine, July 2003 (available in paperback on March 2, 2004)
FLASHPOINT, Ballantine, March 30, 2004 (available in paperback on October 26, 2004)
HOT TARGET, Ballantine, December 28, 2004
BREAKING POINT, Ballantine, July 12, 2005
INTO THE STORM, Ballantine, August, 2006
FORCE OF NATURE, Ballantine, August 14, 2007
ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT, Ballantine, October 30, 2007
INTO THE FIRE, Ballantine, TS #13, July 29, 2008
DARK OF NIGHT, Ballantine, TS #14, January 27, 2009
HOT PURSUIT, Ballantine, TS #15, Summer 2009

I'm going to scour all the 2nd hand bookstores for these. Oya, if anyone is thinking of buying me any presents (hint, hint), you can help me by buying me any (or all) of the books above. Heeeee..


Joe.Jaffar said...

related to kent brockman?

raggedyanne said...

wow, you have a collection of stephen king? jealousnya, i don't know what happened to my books anymore. sedih sungguh.

Mom-On-The-Loose said...

oh no!! now i'm extremely compelled to check out the books... if i get hooked all the blame would be on you ok?? but damn, takutnye nak get hooked on something with so many series... tapi bestnye kalau betul2 best, knowing I'd have more books waiting for me when I'm done with one is one helluva great feeling!! will get back to you bout my take of her books ya??