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Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What We Did During Chinese New Year

Nothing much.


We went back to my in-laws because of a wedding on the 26th. I finally got to meet the latest addition to the family; my SIL's baby boy, Muhammad Hasif. Sooo cute, almost made me want to have a baby boy too. Almost!! Hahhaha....

Today only Dania has school; religious classes. Her primary school is taking the entire week off for CNY. Dina starts school tomorrow. Fortunately both had finished their homework at their grandma's house. If not, bising la....homework tak siap.

Oya, Dina has a new favorite word....BORING!!! Only she says it like this....Buorieeeeennnnggg with the whole rolling-your-eye facial expression. I have no idea where she got this from. She says this whenever I ask her to do anything...anything, even to eat. Everything is Buorieeennnnggg!! Sheesh...

For Dania, it's whatever...only it's pronounced only a valley girl would know how to pronounce.

Good grief!! My girls are 6 and 4 and are already showing typical teenager angst. God help me!


famil said...

"Boring and what-eva"

I think they got it from the Disney Channel.

Along said...

Yeah..I think I should blame either Hanna Montana or Wizards of whatever place tu...grrr...

Joe.Jaffar said...

adam not so bad, takde nak ngikut sangat tv dialogs ni.. amir lak, is laughing nelson-style 'ha haaa'

raggedyanne said...

haha, nunu pun skarang asik komplen, "mama, boooooringlaaah!"

kesian, takde org nak layan dia