Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Girls and Their New Schools

I haven't been very good at updating my blog so much this new year. A million things have been happening all at the same time and while I'm poofed from it all, it's all been good.

Apit tagged me with a blog tag in an effort to get me to update but instead of doing the tag (I'll do it this weekend, maybe...:D), I thought I would update on what's been going on with the girls.

This year is a huge year for both girls since both of them start school. Dania's in Standard One (already!!) and Standard Two for her KAFA school while Dina goes to Smart Reader preschool. What with the moving house and me being sick, we registered the girls rather late but alhamdiulillah, everything worked out fine. We even got transportation for both the girls so no headaches there.

Dania has KAFA classes in the morning which starts at 730am. The school is just across the road from her Primary school which is still walking distance but we decided to let her use a van to school. I took her to school on the first day but she came back by van. So far, everything's been good. Her teacher was rather impressed that she could already read the Quran. Hopefully her enthusiasm will last until year end.

Dania also loves her new primary school. Fortunately for her, our next door neighbour's kid is also in the same class so she already had a good friend to sit with on her first day. I took her that first day of school to make sure everything was in order. After lining up at the school hall, the kids were taken by the class teacher to their respective classes. I lost sight of Dania at that time (do you know what 200 kids in a small area smell like? Not something you wanna too close to, that's what!). It took some searching to find her class but eventually we found it. When I poked my head around the door, I saw that Dania had "rearranged" her desk to sit near her new group of friends.

I started shouting "Dania, move your desk back! Move it! Move it back!!"

You can imagine the image; a pregnant woman, reaching through the window panes, shouting at her kid. Even the class teacher stopped what he was doing for a while to check out this crazy mom who seemed to be on steroids or something. Heeee....

So after that incident, I decided it was ok to leave Dania until school ended that day. Actually Dania begged me to leave. "Go ibu, go. I'll see you after school." Hmmm...but then, what's a mother for if not to occasionally embarrass their children.

As for Dina, it was quite the opposite. She wasn't scared of going to school but she was a bit hesitant seeing all the other kids around. After getting her to class, I stayed for a few minutes, just in case, but when I saw she had started colouring and talking to her new classmates, I took off. When I came back to pick her up 3 hours later, she was all smiles.

"Ibu, today I coloured a parrot. We sang AEIOU. I played with my friends.....bla, bla, bla...." Ok, so far, so good.

So, overall, the girls have been loving school. Everyday they have new stories to tell us on what they did at school with their friends and it's been such a joy seeing their happy faces. Yeah for Dania and Dina!!!


zatur rawihah kamaruzaman said...

hi along.. lama x singgah sini :) just to say hi and congratulations to u and the princesses yg semakin maju ke depan ;)