Wednesday, April 13, 2005

When LIfe Throws You Horse Shit..

OK, so I finally finished it. Last week, actually. It took me a while coz really, when you have two active attention-grabbing kids under the age of three, you hardly have any free time to yourself. And when you do find that extra minute to yourself, making sure your nose hairs don’t jut out seems to be a more productive way to use the time.

Anyhow, in between time playing with the kids and playing with hubby (*wink*), I decided to allocate 20 minutes everyday to strain my eyes and complete the puzzle. Coz really, I love doing jigsaw puzzles. No, let me rephrase that..I LURRRVVVEEE doing jigsaw puzzles. I must have an analytical brain coz I love doing mathematics and those logical brain twister kind of puzzles too. I can only accept that 1+1 equals 2. Try convincing me that 1+1 equals3 and I’ll try to run you over with my car.

I finally finished it, no more small pieces in the box, when....WHAT?!! What’s that??!!

A beautiful scenery..but...hmmm Posted by Hello

ARGHHHH!!! There’s a piece missing!!!

I searched high and low for the missing piece. I lined up everyone in the house and asked them “Have you seen my missing jigsaw puzzle? Do you have anything to do with my missing jigsaw puzzle?” Everyone denied being responsible. I have my suspicions on Dania. She’s always taking my stuff without asking me. Plus she would always show up whenever I was in the midst of doing the puzzle and “try” to help.

Well, after a whole day of searching for the missing piece, I gave up. What to do. Just leave it at that.

However, yesterday I found myself looking at the puzzle again. I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll just frame this as it is. If anyone asks, I’ll give them a philosophical answer: that life is not always perfect. That we may spent our days bent over a job only not be able to reap all the rewards afterwards. That perhaps for once we should stop and look at the bigger picture and instead of noticing the tree has a bald patch, we should notice the beautiful flowers blooming in the garden, the wonderful orange and purple hue the sunset is creating in the sky. We should remember, though life sometimes throws us horse shit, we can either whine and cry or use it as manure and plant blooming flowers in our yard.”

A more descriptive metaphor than the usual “make lemonade out of lemons”, if you ask me.


Shamira said...

Hi, I like reading your blog. You write very well.

Beautiful puzzle dear. Just wondering how big is it? and how long did it take?

Great view about how one should make lemonade with lemon but easier said than done.

Take care

Along said...

Hi Shamira,

Thanks for dropping by. I visited your blog and saw that you linked to me!!

I feel so honoured. *biggest grin ever*

And coz you're a trooper mom like myself, I'll be more than happy to link back.

Rock on sista!! Don't let the horse shit bother you.

Anonymous said...

Berfalsampah la pulak. Abang ko sembunyikan la tu, dia nak main 'find the missing puzzle piece' dengan kau.

Along said...

Eh Joe, shaddap you. Hubby knows better than to mess with me and my jigsaw puzzle.

Shamira, sorry..I forgot to answer your question. How big? Emmm..not that biglah, I would say 4 A4 papers put together. How long? Emmm, I think around 2, nearly 3 months. Not bad, huh?

Anonymous said...

...which reminds me of a tale. A pal of mine gave his galpal a huge, gadjillion piece jigsaw puzzle as a gift and she proceeded to complete the jigsaw puzzle over the course of a few nights.

Anyway, she managed to complete the puzzle and lo and behold... there was one piece missing.

Searched high and low (like Along did) and she couldn't find it. Nonchalantly the guy asked the gal on the status of the puzzle. She was torn between honesty and not hurting the guy's feelings (she thought she had lost the last piece).

Finally she fessed up and said that she lost a piece. The dude, slick as ice, whipped out the missing piece and proceeded to say ' are the missing piece of my life'. And the gal gets all gooey and stuff. Score for my pal!

So, mayhaps, your husband has the missing piece stashed somewhere?

Anonymous said...

aku rase aku ade laaa puzzle cam ni..nanti aku carik dalam kotak-kotak kat rumah aku

Ghostbird said...

Ooooh,,,, me love to do puzzle too! Check your vacuum cleaner. Might be inside there. Last time 1 piece of my 4000-piece puzzle also lost, search high and low and hubby found it in the vacuum cleaner.

Along said...

Anonymous: What a mushy story!! But oroginal I must say. I doubt my hubby is doing that, coz I've been searching for the missing part for a week now. He's not THAT cruel.

hidup costing: ada tak jumpa puzzle ni kat rumah?

sexymama: I hardly use the vacuum upstairs. My room no carpet pun. I doubt it, but I'll check just the same.

Anonymous said...

something is missing in your life eh? tu yg buat2 hilang 1 piece of the puzzle tu.. :D

Anonymous said...

Kekecewaan kau tak seteruk kekecewaan aku long...

When I was in US I collected a lot of jigsaws including a 3D Puzzle.

After I finished everything I discovered one piece was missing. Can you just imagine Darth Vader's HUGE Imperial Starship, you know the V-shape one, with a piece missing right at the top of it.

I reported this to the maker but until today I haven't received that missing piece :(